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  1. What is an original charlie christian pickup worth on todays market? ..last time I bought one was in the early 80s and paid 300$ for it from Gruhn Guitars..A steep price to pay back then..
  2. I play ,I've known Kenny since the late 70s but don't see him often. Last time I saw him face to face was about 5 years ago..I asked him about the guitar on midnight blue specifically...he said he used the house amp at van gelder( tweed delux) with the blonde L 5..he's also playing it on 'man at work'
  3. Kenny told me this is an L5 that gibson made for him( with Florentino cut) ..I read elsewhere that gibson didn't like the idea of Florentine cutaway L5 but kb requested it...he also told me this is the guitar he used on the classic Midnight Blue recording with the van gelder studio fender deluxe amp...he uses 12s flatwound,, right hand attack is light but firm...looks like circle picking ,I could be wrong about that..I neglected to ask if he still owned this guitar..
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