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  1. Not 100% sure, but I think that is from the first line of instruments that had the Ephiphone name when Gibson reintroduced the Epiphone name in the late 1980's. There was this bass, sort of cross between a Fender J and P, with a Kramer style headstock, and bass that resembled the Gibson M-1 guitar. There were also a sort of Strat style guitar, a sort of Firebird style guitar and a sort of Les Paul style guitar. All of the guitars came in both bolt on or neck through construction (depending on price) and I think they all had Steinberger trem systems. None are looked at very highly these day
  2. The picture is of a 90's musicyo.com Kramer. They had a 4 string and 5 string Baretta that had neck through construction and the same "Dual Rail" pickups along with this 4 string with the bolt on construction, but I don't remember the model name. If you are not familiar with musicyo.com, it was Gibson's attempt to sell Korean made instruments with the recently acquired Kramer and Tobias names via online retailing. These were only available online, and were sold at quite reasonable prices. If you search internetarchives, you can find some of the musicyo web pages for information on the vari
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