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  1. Wow. Over the top again. I like it, its nice and now I just gotta have one. What do you guys think? http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-Custom/50th-Anniversary-1960-Les-Paul-Standard.aspx Tell me... is 3 versions of the guitar in the same run too much?
  2. 1. 50th Aniversarry 60' Les Paul Standard 2. Honeyburst or desertburst 3. Gibson Les Paul Studio, Gibson Dark Fire, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Epiphone Les Paul Ultra, Epiphone 59' Les Paul Standard (all are owned) 4. (Dark Fire) + Robot technology helped me a LOT! - not neccesarily dreaded but the inlays could look better 5. Feel, sound, looks, quality, NO BOLT-ON neck, and because of all the famous guitarists who played it: Jimmy Page, Les Paul (the guy who created the guitar), Ace Frehley, Paul Mcartney etc.
  3. yea that what I was gonna say
  4. not only do you have a sick guitar (which I love) you got a pretty nice camera too man
  5. HEY DUDE! YOU FORGOT THE ORIGINAL LES PAUL PLAYER!!!!!!!! Les Paul HIMSELF!!!!!!!!! but other than him I'm with Jimmy Page
  6. Some people hate it, some like it. Personally I hate it, well the looks anyway. its looks terrible in my oppinion and I think its way to much for a 3rd generation robot. But Tell me... out of the 3 generations, which would you pick? The original robot? Dark Fire? or (ugh) the Dusk tiger? If you asked me, id say the Dark Fire, the only thing I'd change on it would be the truss rod cover and it doesn't look bad. I'm saying dark fire mainly because I own one and know its power. robots are cool too, but anyway... which would you pick out of the 3?:)
  7. I'd go with the G400. Hard rock is around the sounds of acdc and angus uses an sg. it is also good for jazzy stuff but I mean, it is your choice
  8. it looks like a Les Paul Custon in wine red like the one here http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-Custom/Les-Paul-Custom/Finishes.aspx
  9. I know that musicians friend has gibson and epiphone bar stools
  10. rootbeer any day of the week
  11. I don't know, the new Jimmy Page Les Paul 2 seems a little bit expensive. I mean $24,000? I know its signed and aged and stuff but why $11,000 for a non-signed?
  12. hope you got thw warranty on that! take it back and see if you can get a new one
  13. looks good to me but I'd get a new truss rod cover if i were you
  14. i like the lightning-bolt inlays but im broke and cant afford a guitar right now
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