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  1. New here, just saying hello. I’m here as I’m trying to order a Gibson acoustic custom shop Song Writer Chroma Black Cherry and was looking for info as it seems most custom shop stuff is out of stock and also did not get a definitive answer from my local music store, but we went ahead and initiated the order process as it is listed as an active product on their website also.... though out of stock ..... we initiated the order process anyway. Initially they seemed to be reluctant stating no known ETA for ordering and that it could take an extensive time.... I don’t mind waiting as long as as it takes but we initiated the order process anyway even if it takes a year.
  2. Just wondering if anyone would know if they are still making guitars in Montana at current? More particularly custom acoustics. I was hoping to order a Song Writer Chroma Black Cherry however Gibson site shows out of stock. I’m from Calgary Canada Contacted my local music shop initial response from a sales rep at Long & Mcquades was no definitive ETA... making it seem impossible. I then reached store manager, the guitar us on the stores website indicating it can be ordered.. so we went ahead and initiated an order via their systems to get the order process initiated. I’m not concerned having to wait an extensive time as I’m really wanting to get this guitar. Does anyone know if they are being produced? Most of the custom shop models seem to be “out of stock”. Does it mean that many are just in back order status or have they halted production? If anyone can provide info would be greatly appreciated.
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