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  1. Here's the pics. Appreciate any more info any one can give. https://ibb.co/r0RSSxh https://ibb.co/XV5YJs9 https://ibb.co/Q9FdFFS https://ibb.co/YfFsRYp
  2. Thanks Jazzman, Much appreciated, I get what you're saying about the difference between "made in" and location of the company. It does say "Union Made" though. Will try post a photo of the label. I neglected to take any photos of the back so I'm not sure about the neck joint (He showed me 10 other guitars at the same time). I'll see if I can sort that out too. I get what you're saying about collectability too, that's fine and maybe it's not for me but it's got my curiosity going now.
  3. Hi folks, Newb here so apologies if I ask my question n the wrong place. I've come across an Epiphone 6830 with a blue Kalamazoo label. the serial number is 09166 which if I got it right looks like 1960? From what I've read I thought the 6830's were all built in Japan and 1960 would pre date that? The guitar looks in really good condition (not like other 50 year old guitars I've seen) so I'm a little dubious of both the label and my own research. Can anyone give me any further pointers? Be nice to know what sort of price I should be looking to offer for it if I decide to try and
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