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  1. Nice guitar ! Who cares if it is not " original "...aren't guitars all individuals anyway ? It's 34 years old, those years and the changes along the way are what made it what it is Today. The assembly line was just the beginning of the journey.
  2. Interesting topic. I have tried most of the popular overdrive/boost pedals over the years and have never gotten a satisfactory sound ( to my ears ) out of any of them. I guess it is just me...most other players rave about them. I find myself turning the pre amp gain on my amp lower and lower as the years go by and my tone still sustains and sounds " fluid " and I hear myself better in the mix and have less noise and feedback issues too. That is what is so awesome about guitar, it is so very personal. What works for one player is completely different to what works for another !
  3. At this point those strings are so old that anything you put on there will feel and sound completely different. I think Gibsons usually leave the factory with 009 to 046 though. I personally think of that as a hybrid string guage and think that either 009-42 or 010 to 046 is better, but it is all down to the individual. Most people think that heavier guages are louder. I find that 009s are more lively, they just seem to vibrate more and the guitar feels more alive to me. Again just a personal preference.
  4. Actually my life is anything but tough, if anything it is embarrassingly good right now !:)
  5. I see a lot of topics about the "other" Gibson...the SG. Now whilst the SG is indeed a fine guitar...what about the other, other Gibson...the EXPLORER ? My explorers are the only guitars I have ever felt completely comfortable with. They fit me like a glove, have good upper fret access, no heel to speak of and sound phenominal. The sound is actually very similar to an SG, though with a little more growl ( to my ears ) both guitars have a tighter, more focussed sound than a LP.
  6. I have not tried the vj, but I agree with Thunderz... if you are looking for something to use at home and maybe for some recording a Pod is a good solution. You cannot beat a full stack of tube tone live on stage, but a pod will re-create that at home studio or apartment living conditions better than any combo I have ever come across.
  7. I have played Explorers pretty much exclusively for 30 years, with no tuning problems that I can remember on any of them. I did own a Hamer Standard for a while and as you mentioned it did have a somewhat sterile sound to it. Very full and fat, but not as organic and "real" as I like and hear from my Gibsons.
  8. If we are talkin' strictly LP tone then definitely Gary Moore on Still Got The Blues, esp toward the end when he switches to the bridge pickup. In regards to Slash "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere by Snakepit was an incredible album ! Les Pauls aside Michael Schenker ALWAYS has great tone, but for me Matthias Jabs on the Blackout album...his tone is just perfect on tracks like Arizona, Can't Live Without You, No one Like You etc. Michael Schenker is my fav player but Matthias had incredible tone for ONE album !
  9. I have had a couple of Vs over the years, but I always ended up playing my Explorers. Now I don't even think about it anymore. My explorer is like an extention of my body. I never really felt connected to the V because the area of contact between the guitar and my body was about the size of a dime (or at least it felt that way). With the Explorer you feel connected because the point of contact is so much more.
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