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  1. What a beauty!! Just as soon as I stopped thinking about it, here you go showing off your 1960 reissue. You're definitely making me itch for another HB lol. Would love to hear some sound samples if you have any.
  2. Please forgive me if this has already been discussed. Recently Gibson announced an overhaul of their app. The redesign now includes a learning component featuring AR learning modules and song tabs. There's also an option to schedule a virtual tech appointment to have a Gibson technician help you with a number of services - from string changes to setups and so much more. Of course the tuner present in the previous version is still there and along with ability to shop the online store and catch the latest from Gibson TV. Looks like Gibson is entering the app learning market to compete with
  3. Youtube really has just about everything! I found a couple of videos demonstrations of Virtuoso cleaner, one of which was on a satin finish. Though the cleaner didn't seem to add high gloss comparable to an HB Standard it did add some shine (from what I could tell from a 9 year old 480p video). So to everyone that's commented thank you all for your invaluable information, when many of you indicated there would be a shine I was concerned there would be a degree of glossiness which I'm absolutely trying to avoid. In the end, the two yellow Gibson cloths - one damp and the other dry - removed the
  4. Thanks! Was hoping to use something a bit more thorough since it's technically never been cleaned, but since a damp cloth seems to be the most recommended I won't chance it with anything more aggressive...at least for the time being 5 different types of cleaners and water alone is my best bet, go figure lol. Naptha seems to get a lot of good recommendations from those that use it and long time guitar players seem to swear by its effectiveness. I'm wondering how it will do with the thin kind of matte nitro finish (not sure if Vintage Limited finish is also VOS). I hear you loud an
  5. It's been a month since the HB Vintage came home and the fingerprints and smudges are getting annoying, so figured it was time for a cleaning. To date it's mostly been wiping the strings with one of the two string cleaners and using either one of those yellow cloths from Gibson or the blue GC brand cloths they give you for free, but there are some areas on the body that feel a bit gummy (mostly areas that come into contact with the body). So far I have a few cleaning sets: - Dunlop 65 kit (polish/cleaner combo, lemon oil, and string cleaner) - Virtuoso (cleaner and polisher) - M
  6. The age difference explains why you're unfamiliar with the reference, but for years I thought Stairway to Heaven was banned from guitar stores near and far lol. Aren't the pay and benefits the only reason people really go to work, otherwise we'd all stay home and play guitar all day. Good on your for sticking with it and kicking cancer's *ss! Yikes! Sounds like a gnarly sight. A West Indian friend told me to pack gashes and cuts with salt, turns out they heal a lot quicker and with very minimal scarring
  7. Rick Beato touched on string thickness and how thinner strings are more comfortable play than thicker strings. After going through the various brands of 12s I have now thinner strings will be on the to do list. Thanks for the tip about playing closer to the fingernail, aside from the fourth finger it works well! This week I noticed my fingers didn't seem to hurt as much and I've been able to practice for 2-3 hours straight
  8. The movie stars Mike Myers, the guy from Austin Powers, so it's that kind of humor. As a child in the early 90s it was amongst my favorite movies, not least of which was due to Bohemian Rhapsody and yes, Led Zeppelin. Was BN RR a passenger or cargo line?
  9. Thanks! He's pretty thorough from the videos I've gone through so far. Justin really is the MVP for making almost all his lessons available for free. I sing as well and figured it'd be a great (and relatively easy for a beginner) song to get into playing and singing simultaneously. Is Stairway to Heaven as popular a song to play as Wayne's World would suggest lol?
  10. Justinguitar has been a good learning tool so far and he has chord drills, with time (and practice of course) those flub free chords will come That she is, and plays just as wonderfully! Oh! The Beatles reference completely eluded me. That's an impressive tenure! Do you really like water or was it a coincidence attributed to your field? During my childhood I'd go to the gym on Langely a bit..I do remember the race track but never paid attention to any buildings nearby. I was in the Army ('08-14 in MI), though never lucked up with an assignment in the 757. So far the jo
  11. Thanks again! Another guitar is not in the question for the next year(ish), I'm too busy enjoying this one. Viola was almost 20 years ago...but I do recall it was larger than a violin, which according to wikipedia is around 12.8". In a year or two I'll consider picking it up again, but keyboard and guitar have me pretty busy as is
  12. So that's the secret of all the greats, who knew! Funny you should mention jazz, I'm actually debating on learning jazz guitar - there's a place not too far from me with a guy that's worked with a couple of artists I like (New York Jazz Workshop). Though personally I'm interested in bringing jazz into r&b, neo-soul, and pop I always felt that learning jazz made everything else relatively easier and requires a strong knowledge of music theory. Oh! You're uptown! My parents moved to 79th st, which was a safe street though right next to 76th which was a little dicey - at least to me
  13. That's an amazing idea fortyears! Just placed a pan on mine, let's see how much it help. I'm very dedicated to my sounds; music is sacred to me...and I like nice things. Having tried to learn keyboard on a dinky Casio as a child I promised myself that I would only buy instruments that naturally produce pleasing sounds, so after listening to many youtube videos of guitarists playing many different models of Taylors, Gibsons, and Martins the only one that made my heart smile with delight was the Hummingbird (though a J45 and D28 will be next). In school I played the viola for seve
  14. Hi ghost_of_fl! You're right about taking it slow, in the army we would say "slow is smooth and smooth is quick". After an hour or more of practicing my fingers give up before I do and even when taking it slow my finger just doesn't want to apply enough pressure or leans over onto another string just slightly or is just a hair on the fret so notes don't ring out properly smh. hi sgt pepper, are the slums of NN to which you refer Newsome Park? I went to high school in Newport News myself
  15. Thanks so much for posting this! Where did you happen to find it? Thanks e-minr7, I'll give that a try to see which it is during a string change Hi Brucebubs, I'm sure they are quality tuners I've read others online mentioning they also had issues with their relic tuners holding a tune as well and thought it was connected to that coupling that with the Standard I tried for three weeks only needing a tuning two or three times that whole time seemed like it was likely spot on since the vintage needed tuning almost everyday and I maintain it the exact same as the Standard. Howeve
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