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  1. Yeah that seems to be the general reaction to it lol but I like it because it’s a bit different and it definitely means I am not precious about playing it hard or dinging it. it’s an abomination and I love it lol it’s actually an R8 spec and has the historic spec and all except it’s got a figured top and an aged overspray finish
  2. The guitar is actually sunburst under white, it was part of the painted over series they did in 2017. I know these weren’t loved by most but I love the absurdity of it as in the wear spots the guitar has some crazy figuring
  3. There is a tool mark on the fretboard that looks like an inpact point however its under the strings and there is no damage to the frets or anything. Here is a pic of the pickup cavity and tenon
  4. It stays in tune fine, as well as any les Paul does really.
  5. I hope the general consensus will be it’s just a finish crack, it sucks because I really like this guitar and don’t like particularly want to return it.
  6. Hi everyone I recently got a custom shop les Paul with an aged white finish and I noticed these cracks at the heel joint and I want to know are these cosmetic only or a potential problem?
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