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  1. Of course. For a whole 14.... minutes 🤣
  2. Thank you all for your congratulations. Day 4 of ownership today and it's also my 335s 18th birthday. I'm still in awe. What an incredible guitar!
  3. Thank you all. You are right as well Larry, I'm asking mysell just how I didn't realise what a difference their was. I feel like a better guitarist already... although I'm sure I don't sound it !
  4. Mine arrived late last night. A 2002 335 Dot. I love it. It is more than I hoped for. I have a Proline Gretsch and a Duesenberg which are both fantastic, but initial impressions are that this just has something extra. A feel and vibe the others just don't. It plays fantastic. Good luck with your delivery!
  5. Hi all, After 35 years of lusting (and playing various other guitars) and a 6 week long search taking me all around the south of the UK (observing all social distancing rules), finally today has seen those longed for words, "Out for delivery" appear on an incoming Gibson shipment. I'm sat by the window eagerly awaiting an incoming ES-335, and hoping it arrives safely. Have a great day everyone.
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