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    I'm recovering from ulnar nerve surgery but otherwise I mostly play open mics and some gigs when asked. I'm retired so I play golf, badly too. Been playing Gibsons mostly since 1960.
  1. Hi, this may be the wrong forum but I don't see the old archtop forum listed. In talking with a violin maker the sound post came up and that reminded me of something. Back in 1960, as a birthday present I got a new ('59 by serial number) L7-C, which I still have and I do gig with it sometimes if I'm doing some jazz or for general interest of other players. It's still a great guitar, re-fretted a couple of times but otherwise pretty original. I still have the original case and even have the original key. Anyway, I seem to remember from my youth something getting loose inside the guitar and fall
  2. Hello. I was going to ask a question but I see my profile is mostly blank so I guess I'll edit it first. Haven't been here in awhile. I have a '59 L7-C and a '91 ES-165. The question will be about the L7-C

  3. I see this is an old post but I hope you got your L7C and enjoy it. I have a '59 that I got new back then and use a period correct monkey-on-a-stick pickup on that is my favorite guitar. It shows it's age in places and it's currently in for a refret but it draws a crowd of guitar players anywhere I take it out of it's old case. I really don't know what they're worth to a buyer but it's priceless to me.
  4. Larry, I have a Kent bolt-on pickup from the '60's on the L7. It still works fine. I've had to clean the pots a couple of times and work on the mini-jack connection but the pickup itself has been no problem. The last luthier who did a re-fret for me on the L7 told me that if I put a hole in that guitar he'd shoot me. I took him at his word. Now that I'm retired, I don't have the money to rework guitars. Fixing the ES-165 may be my winter project if I can get away with a little contact cleaner and maybe some solder. Meanwhile, the L7 works just fine. I aslo play classical and that guitar is fin
  5. '47. yea, it's older than me, but not much. I thought that looked like an L7. Of course I generally see mine side view. I knew there wasn't much difference between an L5 and an L7, some binding on the neck. Either way, my favorite guitar. Cool. And on the label it says Kalamazoo. I'm not as fond of the Nashville or later Gibsons maybe because of the problem with the ES-165 at the moment. I wanted the ES-165 to be the L7 with a pickup but it just doesn't play quite the same as the old L7. I play mostly fingerstyle and the pickup gets in the way because it's not right up at the neck, I'm picking
  6. Thanks. That's an idea. I don't really think the pots are dirty because I don't get the scratchy sound I'd expect form a dirty pot but I'll try cleaning them anyway as soon as I can get some cleaner. I may have some plastic tubing about that size.
  7. Thanks. I was afraid you were going to say something like that. I thought of the string idea but didn't really want to have to do it. Maybe I can get the dental mirror or something like it at Radio Shack too. I'll give it a try. In the meantime, I read the "How to replace a pickup" article over in the repair section and I see that all the electronics can come out through the hole for the pickup and someone else suggested the problem could be a cold solder joint causing increased resistance. I'd have to give that a lot of thought. I'd hate to screw up the guitar. It's only 20 something years ol
  8. Larry, how would you suggest I do that? thanks.
  9. Hello. I just signed up here to see if I can get any ideas about a problem that came up yesterday. Failing that, I'll go to the repair side. My old ES-165 doesn't seem to be working anymore. I hadn't played it in several months but the last time I did, it worked fine. I plugged it in yesterday and I couldn't get any volume out of it until I turned a 50 watt amp up about half way. The sound I got at that level wasn't really bad or noisy it just shouldn't take that much amp. The other weird symptom is that this is an older guitar with a separate volume and tone control but they both only effect
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