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  1. I also really love interviews with legendary vocalists! Sometimes you even start to understand the lyrics in a different way. I also love the reader of the https://samploon.com/free-essays/my-favorite-singer/ column of essays on vocalists. It contains various interesting facts about them. This is something like the Rowling Stone encyclopedia, only more than the author's handwriting, so to speak. In combination, in general, the pleasure is boundless.
  2. I would also add that it is important to really self-develop so that it has versatility. point of view. And understand what the truth is. Many people form an opinion owl solely on that source, book or TV show. Well, for example https://graduateway.com/essay-examples/global-warming/ a collection of articles about global warming. You ask, How can I understand where the truth is and where it is not. I will answer you. Read at least ten essays. And believe me, the answer will come by itself. You can separate the truth yourself. This is called critical thinking.
  3. I agree with you. is it bad to maintain the conservation of nature? and disregard politics. I didn't want to offend anyone, it's just that my brother lives in Australia, and he writes to me that they have serious climate problems.
  4. And not where they did not go, now there are a lot of Trump lovers who do not believe in Global Warming
  5. Yes, I agree with you! It's so hard to let them go ..
  6. Here is my favorite Zappa concert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyOPtVHIL9A These FM broadcasts always represent a serious gamble in terms of sound quality. Some of them are stellar; some are very good, and most end up in the trash can. This recording of Zappa's great show falls into the "good" category. In general, the recording sounds muffled, with some very short breaks. I am writing a big essay about his concerts in the section https://studymoose.com/music-concert-report for an international company. It has a decent separation of various instruments but lacks dynamic range and treble. If you don't already have The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life (the official release of Zappa from the same lineup and tour), do yourself a favor and start there. It's a nice addition to any Zappa fan's collection, but it's actually just not a very good introduction to the show.
  7. Recently I realized that if you just take a textbook on scales and play. The result will be better than watching video tutorials from YouTube. Everything is very simple in fact. I read the book Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner https://www.amazon.com/Effortless-Mastery-Liberating-Master-Musician/dp/156224003X is a book that will transform your playing on the instrument. I found this job on the service https://studymoose.com/ while reading an essay about music. And after reading it, I realized that it's not just a technical skill. And in the psychology of the game. About the problems with excitement during the game. Many people often confuse their psychological problems with technical ones. And for millions of years, they have been looking for a music teacher or a new lesson. And you just need to approach the game itself differently. In short, everything is described in detail in the book.
  8. Yes, you can now take lessons from Gibson. I just recently took lessons at https://reverb.com/page/reverb-launches-music-lessons-marketplace there, check out the great build. But in fact, all thanks to the service https://writingbros.com/essay-examples/sociology/ where I ordered ready-made essays for myself, if not for him, I would not have taken lessons, but would have sat on assignments from college. We switched to distance learning, and we were literally inundated with lessons. How strange that the lessons are cool on the one hand, and not very good on the other.
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