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  1. Ah... Well instead of jumping out and posting this I should have searched a bit. Found a lot of good information previously posted on the site.
  2. Im trading an American Deluxe Ash Strat. Is sharing its time with other strats so it is showing no wear and is basically new. Probably woudn't trade if it was my only one.
  3. Hey everyone. New member here about to get my first Les Paul. Have way too many strats and only strats and have been wanting a gibson for awhile now. Someone offered this LP to me for one of my strats this morning and I just need to know what to look for when I look over a LP. I know to look for previously broken head stocks and cracks and what not. Heard about way too many clones to be comfortable with going used for my first LP. From what I have been told it was refretted around 5 years ago and has a new bone nut and grover tuners. Heres a few picturs of the LP Im interested in. Looks like its in great shape for its age. Please look hard LP guys and please tell me its all real =D>/ =P~/ =P~/ 1979 Les Paul Custom
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