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  1. Hello and first, thank you very much, I kinda was thinking the remaining part would need to be removed. Anyway your message is very helpful to me. I was about to ask about where I could find the schematics but it was just one click away in your messagen, thanks again. Desolder/remove the old one and measure it A part being missing, would the measurement still be meaningful? I was advised by a good friend to use a 1A 6x32 fuse and this kind of holder [image]. Please tell me what to think. I don't have good soldering capacities, but I have friends who are more capable : ). Have a good night or day (live from Paris, France). Cheers
  2. Hello, I'd like to add the missing part in this amp, but I'm not sure what is missing precisely (fuse only or fuse and holder) and where I could buy it? Thanks in advance if anyone can guide me!
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