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  1. Hello, Don't be so harsh 🙂 he's not an expert but he is very careful, that's for instance why I posted these pics here. Even if it looks easy for you, I'd appreciate your input : ) we just want the amp to operate again 🙂. We're both learning on this one, and we prefer to do this ourselves, it's more interesting that way ; we are and will be very careful. So the first one is a 250 ohm resistor? Then again a resistor, we'll check the color code to get the value. Then the ones marked "paktron", I don't know what they are, maybe capacitors? And the last pic is defo a capacitor,
  2. And here you'll find attached the other suspects in our case 🙂 https://ibb.co/z4qCYw2 https://ibb.co/kxdTqV2 https://ibb.co/SvMy5b2
  3. Hello again, A friend of mine is helping me with this, we seem to have the fuse/holder part covered. Now we're trying to test the components and identify the dead ones to replace them. We have trouble identifying this dude though (see attached pictures). I'd say a resistor since it's marked 250 Ω but my friend says it does not look like a classic resistor (obviously). Can anyone help me here? Thanks https://ibb.co/r43rM9z https://ibb.co/kGz01F6
  4. Hello and first, thank you very much, I kinda was thinking the remaining part would need to be removed. Anyway your message is very helpful to me. I was about to ask about where I could find the schematics but it was just one click away in your messagen, thanks again. Desolder/remove the old one and measure it A part being missing, would the measurement still be meaningful? I was advised by a good friend to use a 1A 6x32 fuse and this kind of holder [image]. Please tell me what to think. I don't have good soldering capacities, but I have friends who are more capable : ). Have
  5. Hello, I'd like to add the missing part in this amp, but I'm not sure what is missing precisely (fuse only or fuse and holder) and where I could buy it? Thanks in advance if anyone can guide me!
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