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  1. many thanks for putting my mind at ease, bobouz 👍
  2. thanks for the input guys if it's strictly a cosmetic issue and not something that's likely to warp the neck overtime because of uneven string pull or, god forbid, snap the headstock clear off in the middle of a sick bend one day, I'm fine keeping it I bought it second hand, checked the usuals but didn't think much of the slanted headstock at the time... don't really notice it while playing... it was only after seeing it laying down like in the photo that I noticed just how crooked it looks might shoot an email to Gibson to see if they have any ideas since, to me, it clearly left the factory like this and isn't a result of mishandling the guitar, but I'm not holding my breath 🙂
  3. it does not! I could swear the neck is straight I wish I could add more photos on here, but the nut sits in a noticeably deeper slot in the headstock/neck on the bass side compared to the treble side, where there's pretty much no slot at all look at the second photo in my first post and imagine the nut having a consistent height treble to bass side... that extra height on the bass side needs to go somewhere; it goes into a slot that's milled on the bass side but isn't there on the treble side 😕 does that make any sense?
  4. hi guys I recently picked up a gorgeous 50th anniversary 1963 ES335, which feels, sounds and plays beautifully. Couldn't be happier... ...except for this weird sideways headstock slant that I noticed the guitar has, which I'd never seen before (definitely never this pronounced) and seems like a headstock break waiting to happen to my paranoid eyes. You can also see that the B string touches the high E's tuning post because of this 😕 I know no guitar is perfect, but does anyone recognize this? How 'within tolerance' does this look? Again the guitar feels and plays beautifully and as far as I can tell the neck isn't warped at all --it's just that the headstock is on there crooked, which is... disappointing for a guitar in this price range.
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