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  1. update - the pots on my guitar are totally smooth so they dont have any splines - I am assuming I would need a set screw knob? just not sure if the original knob on the 1950 Gibson ES300 used set screw knobs ?
  2. thanks for the quick response- I tried some standard ones from Guitar Center but they dont fit ? not sure if the pegs are a little thicker on these older guitars ?
  3. Hello all- Does anyone have any advice on what replacement knobs would fit and work best on a 1950 Gibson ES300 ? There are three knobs needed - 2 for the volume and 1 for the master tone- Thank you !
  4. Hello all - does anyone have advice on what replacement knobs will work best for 1950 Gibson ES300 ? There are 2 volume knobs and 1 Master Tune Knob needed - thank you
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