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  1. Thankssssss, Mr. Natural!
  2. Thank you so much, sparquelito! Yes, you're right! They call that colour Trans Black. Haha, what else can I say about this guitar? I love it! 😄🥰
  3. Thank you, sparquelito!!! 😄
  4. Thank you, tx-ogre!!! 😄
  5. Hi there! I forgot to introduce myself here 😂 I must thanks all replies for my questions! I own a Gibson Les Paul Studio Pro Plus (it's my passion) and I come here to ask about a Gibson Standard 1988. Greetins from Brazil!
  6. Thank you so much, Pinch! 🙂
  7. Thanks! OK, I'll look little closer. It seems strange to have a crack right there...
  8. Thank you RBSinTo! I'll do it as soon as possible. It's time to a routine check-up.
  9. Thanks Leonard! I thought my guitar had no lacquer on nut, once I never saw it and only now I notice it due to colour change.
  10. I uploaded a new picture. I think now it's OK :)
  11. Hi guys! I realised this crack on the nut of my Les Paul. It also changed the colour. There's no lacquer on nut. The guitar doesn't suffered any impact - actually it was in its case, as always. Does this crack represent some matter? What should I do? Thanks for helping
  12. Hi Texsunburst59 ! Thank you for this information! So you bought it for an excellent price! 😄 Your guitar is beautiful! And I also love the OHSC.
  13. It was good to know that. There the value is practically the same as here. I hope it have a discount, haha. That is a good question! I believe so. I saw new pictures of it with a case.
  14. Hi Twang Gang! Thank you for advices! You're right, I must play this guitar. Here in Brazil prices are higher than in US. To give you an idea, here a new Gibson Les Paul Standard costs about U$ 4.937. Maybe the 80's guitar needs a repair sooner or later.
  15. IanHenry, Yes, I understand what you're saying 😀 Surely , supply and demand. Thank you!
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