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  1. By far the main issue for me with capos is tuning stability before the audience. I've tried many (Dunlop, Shubb, G7th, Daddario) and none works. They all randomly detune the guitar, sometimes 1 or 2 strings, sometimes only the low strings, etc. Even if you put them on the fret, which is the best position in that regard although you lose some sound resonance. I dream of a reliable capo.
  2. Yes that's the question I am asking myself due to the still high price of the guitar - Should I buy it knowing that the PG lifts off? Is it really that easy to repair it?
  3. I've just found a second hand 2018 Hummingbird that looks good. I asked the seller about the pick guard and he said it's starting to lift off at the pointed ends. The price is right but what can I do about that since I cannot repair that myself? I do find it crazy that such a well-known problem exists on a guitar in that price range...
  4. I read the procedure. It's simple and I wonder why Gibson cannot apply it?
  5. What about the pick guard lifting off on 2 new HBs?
  6. Yes you're right and I understand the principle but there should be reasonable limits to it. I don't know any guitarist willing to play with the strings that high. Comfort should be taken into account much more, like other guitar brands (I had a Martin HD28 for 15 years I've just sold and the action was nothing of the sort).
  7. Yes the J45 sounds great and looks great too. For me it's just the fact that I had a Hummingbird a long time ago but it was stolen from me in the 70s and I've always thought I'd buy another one when I can afford it. Maybe it's a way of going back somehow to my youth, I don't know :-)
  8. Hi, I've just tested 2 Standard Hummingbird guitars in a shop, a 2018 and a 2019 models. I was ready to buy one but finally decided to wait and think about my project. Here's why: - The string action at the 12th fret was really far too high, close to unplayable after the 10th fret. The neck was straight so I guess I'd need to take the brand new guitar to a luthier so that he sands the bridge saddle, which in my opinion is not acceptable with a new guitar in that price range. - The pick guard already started to lift off the wood top, which again is not acceptable. How come with a guitar of this price? I really wanted a Hummingbird but I'm not so sure now. Recently I tested a Chinese Harley Benton guitar costing 10X less and it was nearly perfect, just the sound of it was not as good as I wanted (but not bad at all). Cheers
  9. My mother bought it new to me in 1972 or 71 (yes, I had a very nice mother!). All I have now of that guitar is a few photos unfortunately and a lot of souvenirs...
  10. Thank you. I've never seen those white dots on HB pick guards. It should be end of 60s or very early 70s.
  11. Hi, Thank you for accepting me here, this is my first post! I had this HB in 1973 and it was stolen from me in 1976. I have old photos of that time and I'm surprised by the inlays in the fret board and the white dots on the pick guard. Do you know what year/model of HB it is? Actually I'm still sad about losing that guitar to the point where I'm about to order the VCS 2019 model :-) It was my first guitar, it might be my last one! Cheers
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