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  1. I think a better question is why Sweetwater showing the MSRP as $2,099 when Gibson's website says it's $1,799. You might want to contact Sweetwater and ask them about this.
  2. You did the right thing and I'm sure you will enjoy the guitar much more now. I've been playing for over 40 years and never believed in making any modifications. I primarily play bass but also play guitar. In 2012, my wife bought me a new American Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass. It had the N3 Noiseless pickups and could switch from active to passive. The problem was that when I switched to passive, the output dropped dramatically. I know some reduction is normal but it dropped to the point that it was much lower than any of my passive basses. After much research, I ordered a set of Lindy Fralin pickups over wound 8% to get more mids and lows and set it up passive with a separate volume and tone control for each pickup. It was the best thing I ever did. The bass sounds incredible. I do music for television and movies. My business partner always comments at how great the bass sounds when we're recording or when we play live with our band. I also installed a Nordstrand NP4V pickup in one my American Precision basses and it sounds much better than the stock pickup.
  3. The people responsible should never own, work on or touch a guitar again.
  4. I have a lot of pictures with people I've met a some stuff signed by Mark Farner, Gary Hoey, and a few other things. In 2015 I took my wife to see Rick Springfield for her birthday. I met the guy who opened for him and he introduced to Rick. When Rick heard it was my wife's birthday, he gave us an autographed guitar. It was one of the Chinese replicas of one of his guitars. He sells them as part of his meet and greet package but it was still a nice gesture on his part. He made it out to my wife and I and then signed it. We took some pictures with him as well. He's a very nice guy. I played pro-am ice hockey for years and have a lot of hockey autographs and memorabilia.
  5. Gary Hoey has some good instructional videos on his website. http://garyhoey.com/guitar-tips/
  6. I spent my Thanksgiving holiday at home with my wife and son. However, earlier in the day, I acquired a 2018 Gibson Les Paul Classic Gold Top with P90s. Last year, I purchased a Gretsch Historic Series Prototype for $465. In September of this year, I traded it for an American Strat with lace sensor pickups. Five days later, I traded the Strat for an American Professional Telecaster. I liked it but didn't love it so I decided to posted it on Craigslist. Thanksgiving morning, a guy in my town contacted me and said he has several Les Paul Standards and a Classic and he was looking for a Telecaster. We ended up doing an even trade, his Gold Top for my Telecaster. I immediately noticed how much heavier it is than my Traditional. I could definitely tell that it has non weight relief body. This is by far the best sounding Les Paul I have ever owned or played.
  7. I have artist deals with several companies including PRS, Spector, Korg, Curt Mangan Strings, Nordstrand Pickups, Conquest Sound and Presonus. I buy direct at a percentage off of what someone would normally pay in a retail store. The discount varies based on type of product I am buying and the model. Very few companies if any, give product away anymore. In order to get any type of deal you must be professional, have an Electronic Press Kit, as well as an online and live performing presence. Companies want their brand represented by professionals who can use their presence to promote their product. They are not interested in giving deals to local cover band musicians or original bands who do not have a strong following, In my case, I have national touring experience and do some of the music for several television shows including "American Pickers" on The History Channel, "The Deed" on CNBC and several others. It's not easy to get artists deals. The best thing to do is email the company directly and ask what their requirements are. Posting the question in a public forum such as this, comes across as being from someone who lacks experience and / or is not professional. Hope this helps.
  8. I was in a cover band in the early 80s that did Too Much Time On My Hands. It always went over well.
  9. I like the P90s for that exact reason. At low volumes, they tend to be clean but at higher volumes you can get some nice crunch. However, I recently had someone tell me that they cannot stand 90s and find them to not sound heavy enough. It really depends on the sound you are looking for.
  10. The guitar has been shipped, was bouncing around in a truck and subject to different temperatures and humidity. Why would you even think it would be in tune? Most guitars don't stay in tune when you put them in the case for a day or two. I have never even picked up a guitar or bass off the wall of music store that was in tune. This is completely normal. Tune it and enjoy it.
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