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  1. So I finally took the plunge and purchased a Brand New Gibson SJ 200. It arrived today, I am pleased. I've been playing since I was 10 years old, but after loosing 3 fingers on my chord hand in an accident in 1996 I thought my playing days were over.. They were able to reattach my middle and ring finger though I've no feeling in those fingers. Anyway thought I was done playing, so I stowed my guitars, and my ambition for 25 years. I Retired 2 years ago, and needed something to focus on and decided to pick up playing again. At 60 with a lot of free time I was able to dedicate myself, and Im now a better player than I was pre accident. I have a Taylor 324ce, and a 410ce, and thought I had the best, but this new Gibson SJ 200 produces fantastic tones, and records like a dream. Glad to finally have a Gibson of my own, and Im glad to be joining this forum. Thanks
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