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  1. Just get one (or more) of everything. I have 14 Les Pauls, 3 SGs, 14 Resonators, 24 steel guitars, a bunch of Fenders (including Music Man and G&L), but only one Gretsch. And a shed load of others. I have HBs, P90s, Filtertron, single coils (many), and a bunch of custom made pickups by assorted experts. At the end of the day though, the sound comes from my brain and my fingers, which is where the real magic is.
  2. Makes no difference, still can't gig. Can't go anywhere, no money! About £20,000 loss so far, and NO assistance from Donald J Johnson. No gigs for next year either. Selling some of my gear to allow me to eat. I think the P90 is far more versatile, in my opinion, but everyone has their own views. I have an 84 Custom shop Mathias Jabs Explorer with PAF humbuckers, and they are amazing, but my 57 Junior with one P90 is really versatile. Always been complimented on my tone when I play it, not so much with my humbucker loaded guitars. Diversity is good. At 71, i guess i am a touch set in my ways. Recently bought a custom shop 59 re-issue, mega bucks, sounds great, but my new Classic LP with P90s sounds better to my ears. (All bought when i was gigging - tax relief!)
  3. My pleasure!! I am trying to get down to a sensible number. I think maybe 150?
  4. Could be worse. In 57, aged 8, i spent 6 months in hospital recovering from TB. 6 months, never leaving the hospital ward, so it aint that bad. I have family, but my ex-wife turned them against me, making me the "bad guy". C'est la vie.
  5. Hey, thanks for the response. I was not having a pop at you, Iunderstood what you were saying. It was just an excuse to communicate with someone. My band members are scattered around, London, Nottingham etc, I'm in Wakefield, and not spoken to or seen anyone for months. I live alone, so getting a touch stir crazy. good to chat. Be excellent to each other and party on dude
  6. No, I got that. It was your comment about doing some research. I have played maybe over a 1000 guitars in my life on the road, and owned, in total, maybe 500 since 1962, Not to mention more gigs than I can count, including some years in a showband in the early 70's, when gigs were four and a half hours long, without a break, and 400 gigs a year, doing 2 and 3 gigs a day on weekends. Many tours with rock, blues and country gigs lasting weeks or months. Last used Marshall in 1970, been using fender since 72, and now have 26 Fender amps. Tried all the amps over the years, Marshall, Carlsbro, Yamaha, Sound City, Hi-Watt, Dan Armstrong, Park, Laney, Ampeg etc... and many others. Never had a problem with P90 buzz, except on the continent, where they did not have an earth connection. We made our own with a 4 foot spike and yards of heavy duty wire. Had problems with the Hammond, though. Just done a quick evaluation, and the gigs i played runs to 8000 plus. Anyway, guitarists are notorious for assuming they know what's best. As i said earlier, just my opinion. I am 71, and still playing (well, almost. the lockdown has not helped) and will continue to the day I drop. Keep playing man, keeps me young(ish), hope the same applies to you. Regards
  7. I did say it was my opinion, i have more guitars with Humbuckers than P90s. I do not use high gain or distortion FX, i rely on the pickup, and clipping on the amp. I use Fender Tube amps.. I think that 55 years on the road, and owning 170 guitars gives me a little bit of credibility.
  8. Can't beat the P90 in my opinion, I have a dozen gibsons and a few custom made guitars, all with P90s. My 57 LP Jnr has one P90. best guitar i have ever owned, and my 60's ES-125 guitars come a close second.
  9. Damn right. I have a 57 Gibson LP, and it is my main axe. A guitar that is not played is firewood with strings on. A guitar is made to be played, the value is irrelevant unless you are a merchant banker!! Many of my 170 guitars are valued at 5 - 7K, but they all get played. I have played some gigs where i would never take a 7K guitar, but few and far between
  10. post a picture, easier to identify
  11. Forgot to click on the notify button --- bugger
  12. I have a Chinese Casino, and it is excellent. One of my students bought a Gibson SG 5 years ago, that would not stay in tune. Worked on it for days, on and off. In the end, they replaced it
  13. the output is the white lead soldered to the 2 lugs joined together (middle 2 lugs on the right) i have done hundreds of these. 10 minute job. the wire soldered to the centre plate is the ground
  14. I have a shedload of Gibson and a shedload of Epis. No regrets. See my post about the 88 Sheraton, better than the Gibson 335 (Guitarist magazine)
  15. bring back the Olympic, the one that looks like a double cut LP. I have a 63 epiphone Olympic, and I love it, and so do all the people who have played it.
  16. just found this post, so i will add my opinion (for what it is worth) I have 170 guitars, mostly gibson, fender, gretsch, dobro etc, and a few epiphones. Some of the epiphone guitars i have are from Unsung, including a sheraton from 88. To say it is excellent would be an understatement. In 88 or 89, guitarist magazine did a comparison of a Korean Sheraton (Unsung) and a gibson 335(kalamazoo, i think). I still have the magazine. The conclusion they came to was that the Sheraton build quality was far superior to the 335, which was 4 times the price. the only down side (in their opinion), was that the Sheraton pickups were "a touch polite". I disagree. I also have a chinese made Les Paul, the Peter Green model from JHS and Trevor Wilkinson. It is so good that I sold one of my Gibson LPs (i have 15). Just bought a 59 custom shop LP, expensive, but Gibson seem to have their mojo back . In 55 years on the road and 45 years of guitar repair, I have seen every possible combination of good and bad. I have played expensive Gibson guitars that were dreadful, and Chinese guitars that were excellent. It generally depends on the price point as to the quality. I worked part time for a while for a distributor of Jay Turser guitars, doing setups etc. before they were shipped out. They were cheap, but generally were great guitars for very little money. if you want to see how bad a guitar can be, just look for a 60'6 Top Twenty. Unplayable, my bass player in 67 had one, dreadful
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