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  1. Well, I've found the one. It's a keeper. J-45 Studio. Came nicely setup from the shop. Love the sound. Really pleased.
  2. First of all I'd like to thank everyone who has replied. So I've been away -returned my G-45 and played on quite a few guitars. I even owned a Taylor 214ce for 24 hours. I think I still want a Gibson. The Taylor was very nice to play. Lovely action and lovely neck in general. It was just a bit.... soulless. I don't know how else to describe it. Also - a bit expensive for a laminate guitar. I played on Martins D12 and 13 (not bad - didn't love the sound), Faith were OK and I played a Sigma SJM-SG45+ which is an incredible guitar for the money. All solid wood mahogany/spruce J45 copy. Ebony fretboard. When compared it with the Gibson j-45 slash (so nice) it wasn't miles off. Really gave me food for thought. My next question is - the G-45 Standard and the J-45 Studio, beyond aesthetics, is there much of a difference? I know the G45 Standard now comes with a rosewood fret board which if anything I would prefer. The J15 is probably out of my financial reach although there is an as new one second hand not a million miles away....
  3. I went to my local guitar showroom yesterday and played a number of similar priced guitars. I’m afraid to say the difference was startling. EVERY single guitar played was in a different ballpark to my g-45. To a point where I think it might just be a duffer. It’s got to be. I’ve read Comments from loads of customer’s who were happy with G-45s out of the box. The one I have just isn’t playable. I’ve watched numerous comparisons of it vs Taylor’s, Martins etc where it compared favourably. The one I have feels “squashy” and muted beyond the 10Th fret. The sad thing is I’d probably still prefer the g45 if I was convinced a setup would fix it. I like it’s sound (somewhere between Taylor and Martin) and I like it’s scaled back, basic, workman like but crafted aesthetic. Unfortunately there are none in stock anywhere for me to try another example. So, it’s with a heavy heart I’m returning the g-45. It could be I just leave it for now, I played some really nice guitars but none of them leapt out at me sonically.
  4. I'll be honest, I am coming from an electric which I use 10s on. I have no idea what Gibson's stock strings are - I'm not overly keen on them though. Changing them may well make a difference. As might lowering the action. I think I'll get myself down to the local Guitar shop in the next couple of days and try out some other acoustics and possibly another G-45 if I can. That might help me make a decision.
  5. So I bought my first acoustic guitar the other day, it's a Gibson G-45 studio. I watched lots of videos, demos and comparisons. Then (perhaps foolishly) purchased one brand new off the web without trying it. I'm very pleased with the fit and finish on it. It's immaculate. Like the way the neck feels etc. However, I'm not too blown away with the way it sounds/plays. The action seems quite high (Bout 2.6mm/2.0mm at 12th) and around fret 10 or 12 it seems rather dead/flat. Slides barely make a sound and it seems a real effort to get get it sound good. I guess I'm asking if new strings and setup is likely to turn it around or do I have a duffer? Having had no experience of acoustics. I suppose I could go to a shop and try a few others and make a more informed decision. Bit gutted at the moment.
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