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  1. Hi all I'm resurrecting one of my first childhood axes that's sat untouched for the better part of 30 years. I'm 99% sure I had it when I was 15 yers old, bought 2nd hand from a friend in '87 or '88. Looking a the vintagekramer.com site my guitar (E 4768) sits within the serial number range of: Exxxx-Exxxxx - mid '86 - late '87, Range - E0001-13XXX Notes: (E11000 to E12000 are when the recessed cavities appeared on bodies) 1986-90 "Pointy Droopy" or "Shark" headstocks(E2000s-G series) - Bodies and Necks by ESP Die cast plates in chrome sporting "Neptune, NJ" on them w
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