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  1. Hi all I'm resurrecting one of my first childhood axes that's sat untouched for the better part of 30 years. I'm 99% sure I had it when I was 15 yers old, bought 2nd hand from a friend in '87 or '88. Looking a the vintagekramer.com site my guitar (E 4768) sits within the serial number range of: Exxxx-Exxxxx - mid '86 - late '87, Range - E0001-13XXX Notes: (E11000 to E12000 are when the recessed cavities appeared on bodies) 1986-90 "Pointy Droopy" or "Shark" headstocks(E2000s-G series) - Bodies and Necks by ESP Die cast plates in chrome sporting "Neptune, NJ" on them with the banana Kramer logo. I'm hoping someone that knows much more about Kramer guitars can confirm if mine indeed falls within above line? I have some vacation time coming up and was considering building a kit guitar, but now thinking about breaking this one down and repairing the nicks, scratches on the body and headstock. Maybe invest in a new tremolo and some Suhr pickups. The playability of the guitar is still quite nice. The protective laminate on the headstock has started to separate. I'm planning on removing it entirely and repainting front portion of the headstock. Anyone know have any tips on how to recreate the Kramer branding? Maybe there's stickers that could be put under a clear coat? Templates that someone has made? Any feedback welcome (including "leave it alone"). Thanks, Eric
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