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  1. Right after I bought this one, another one popped up on Reverb, a really nice white on in better shape than this one (but it still had the tremolo issue that plagues these). I kinda wish I bought that one..lol I actually have parts on order from Germany to repair this one. I'm gonna bring it back to it's full glory and rock this bad boy!!! Also, I've seen these with a different tremolo, I believe the alternate one was called the "Epiphone Bennder"
  2. Hello Everyone, Thanks to "Guitar God" and the thread "Was there an Epiphone version/equivalent to this guitar?", I found out about the S-900 Epiphone, and ended up finding one nearby on Craigslist. Now, comes the fun part. The repair (I've learned that these have major failures with the Stienberg KB Tremolo). I am going to order new parts from Bernd in Europe (know as Be.em on here), but there seems to be an additional twist that I haven't heard about yet; It looks like they routed out more wood underneath where one of the screws from the tremolo base screws in, so it's basically screwed into air. I'm going to put some sort of wooden plug into that whole, and I wanted to ask you guys what you suggest for that part? Here are some pics. Enjoy.
  3. Hello Maximo,

    If you ever read this, I'm just wondering if you still have that S-900?

  4. Check it out!! This one was posted near me, so I had to get it!
  5. I was just throwing that out there waiting for someone to ask... I bought this: Fender Showmaster Celtic H
  6. Well, I ended up getting a different guitar. It's not a Gibson/Epiphone, so I'll probably be shunned from the forum for what I have done, but I couldn't pass up such a cool guitar.... Also, I did see a Slasher FX posted on reverb about a week ago. I saw it before I went to bed listed for $700 + shipping costs. I messaged the buyer that night what their best price was (I'm not paying $700). It sold overnight (I think for full price). Yikes!
  7. I have to ask, what do you guy think of this? is this normal...
  8. I saw those... That chip is huge!! Also, it's sad the the Gibson logo is only on the Truss Rod cover. Why couldn't they at least put it on the headstock (were they embarrassed of this model)?
  9. DAMNIT Guys!!! Now I want one of these instead!! If anyone wants to finds one for a reasonable price, let me know!
  10. Yeah, I looked these up after reading about this and saw that they were being clearanced out at one point for like $350! I would have definitely bought one of these for that price. At ~$350, I can get over my dislike of the picguard/covers.
  11. That's a nice looking guitar, the headstock looks super clean! I'd be all about this, except I prefer the clean look of no pickguard (and I'm sure this is way more expensive).
  12. Yes, I just wanted to find out a definite name for this type of tremolo. I want to be able to look it up and find out it it has major issues like the other licensed ones that Epiphone was using at the time. This might not be worth pursuing the guitar is these are known to fail.
  13. Hello Everybody, I found an older Epiphone with this type of Tremolo. Does anyone know what type of tremolo this is? Thank you.
  14. hey, thanks for letting me know. Yeah, I'm looking for the FX version. I've seen a few EXs already. I might just be out of luck for this.
  15. Hello sparquelito, I live in California, near Sacramento. I also found that post, however that one is sold (and it sold over a year ago, I contacted the seller). Thanks for looking out, but I don't see one anywhere for sale (I do see the non-FX versions). I'm not opposed to buying something and having it shipped (I understand the risks and would be cautious). Thanks again, M-T-Pockets
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