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  1. The included gig bag was a bit disappointing. I've resorted to using the gig bag from my traveler Eg-1 but am giving that guitar away as I much prefer the Steinberger Spirit Deluxe pro as my travel guitar now. However, since I'm giving the EG-1 away for Christmas and it won't even fit in the Steinberger bag, I really want to find something better than both bags. I'd hate to give someone a traveler guitar without a bag, The traveler bag is actually really good, and if I don't find what I'm looking for then my family member will just receive the EG-1 without the bag. However, what I am looking for is good protection, snug fit keeping the size down, but with spacious pockets. I want to store everything that I'd use with a travel guitar in the bag. A couple vox headphone amps, a small honeytone mini amp. A couple guitar cables, a tuner, some picks, and some decent headphones. The EG-1 bag JUST pulls this off with no room to spare. I'm happy with it, but would love to find something a little better. Regardless, feel free to post links or pictures of ANY aftermarket gig bags/ cases that will fit these guitars, because my search didn't produce much results.
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