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  1. I'm about a 100 miles from there. Rocky
  2. I have switched out with several different tubes and it still acts the same.
  3. I've tried cleaning didn't help. I'm having a hard time finding a 2meg audio taper pot. If anyone can tell me what difference a 1meg audio taper pot would do. There are a lot of those available. Rocky
  4. Hello I just joined in hope of finding a fix to my Gibson Scout amp. I have a 1965 ES 330 and Gibson scout amp I've had since 1966 Rocky Hill (rocks66ss)
  5. I have a a Gibson Scout amp my dad bought me in 1966. I have replaced some caps and that is about all with the exception of a tube. My issue is the reverb. When I click the reverb pedal, the reverb is on, but I can turn the reverb pot and nothing changes until I get to about 7 and then the volumn of the reverb drops down some, but there is no change what so ever from 0-7 and then drops a bit. The schematic shows a 2 Meg audio taper pot. do you think it's the pot or something else? A 2 Meg audio taper pot seem very hard to come by, if the concenses is the pot, what might be suitable as a replacement. Thanks Rocky
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