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  1. Hi there! I recently purchased a 2004 Epiphone Korina Flying V bass. She's in great nick, and once I'm done with a little makeover, she'll become my main bass without a doubt (I just LOVE that body shape, a hipshot bridge and machine heads are on the way!). I was just wondering about possibly getting a gig bag for her. She's 124.5 cm long (about, uh, 49 inches?). Would a flying V Epi or Gibson electric guitar soft case fit her fine? There's actually a dedicated gibson flying v bass case in my area, but it's almost €200, so almost as much as the bass herself, heh. Also she's an Epiphone and I'm proud of it, I'd rather not deck her out in Gibby accessories. Come to think of it... Perhaps I should've asked this question in the guitar subforum, they'd probably have a flying v soft case laying around somewhere to be measured. Anyhow, I'd be very appreciative of your insight, fellow forumites! Thanks :)
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