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  1. Getting a Dark Fire or Les Paul Custom, need to shop around for the right amp. I am looking to play 90% blues. I like Marshall amps. Any suggestions? Thanks ! -Alex
  2. I live in Europe, but I am asking about U.S. prices since I am home in the next month. Plus, depending on exchange rates, sales, sometimes I can buy things cheaper here, even a Gibson... (thats even including crazy 22% VAT !) So my question about the custom regards U.S. price. I have tried the Les Paul Custom, not any reissue's since they don't have it here in the store... Thanks =)
  3. Hello, I am having quite a difficult decision choosing between these two guitars. I have had the opportunity to only play the custom, since in Poland, there are no Dark Fires on store shelves.... I can purchase the Les Paul Custom in cherry sunburst for $4200 including taxes. Is this a fair (best) price I can get? The only reason I would choose the Dark Fire, is because of the technology and capability of producing many different chameleon tones... On the other hand there are about 50+ different versions of the Les Paul custom and I don't know which is the best in terms of tone for (BLUES). Also, which one keeps value most as far as resale? I'm a little afraid that in 3 years Gibson will make another Robot 3 or Dark Fire version 2 with less problems the current one has. I think the custom will always be the same? I would appreciate some input from guitarists who have either played both or own both guitars. Thanks ! Here is the Les Paul Custom I am interested in.... http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-Custom/Les-Paul-Custom/Finishes.aspx
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