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  1. Nope, its not tacky or gummy at all, just feels like the rest of the guitar. i think I will bring it to one of the closest Gibson dealers nearby and let them look at it.
  2. It's pretty old already, 2014. Unfortunately noticed it a few weeks back. The guitar is hanging my room for at least 5 years, but it still being played and cleaned. So I think it will be some kind of liquid that has damaged the clean coat. Not very noticeable only a shame for the wood. Still plays awesome
  3. So this means that there is probably no way to get rid of the moisture, condensation? That's a bummer
  4. Hi, I have recently notice some weird stains on my Gibson SG which i can't see to get rid of, I cleaned my guitar with Dunlop but no luck on removing. The stains are only visible from some angles. but i still would like to get it off (its hard to make a picture of, but you can definitely some weird disruptive spots) Link to pictures: https://ibb.co/Z2mNPWp https://ibb.co/vcgwcgf https://ibb.co/DfNJjwF https://ibb.co/RSMW7z1
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