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  1. Some time ago I posted about the new bridge pivots for R-TREM which I designed for Aumsen to solve the problem about the bending original pivots making the bridge useless. Finally we've tested them out, fixed some dimensions incongruences and released them. They are inexpensive and you can buy them from ebay. I have them mounted on my Steinberger and it's a pleasure to use that trem. It's soft and keeps the tuning perfectly. This is a true problem-solver for all the Spirit owners. Be clear that I earn nothing from the selling of this thing. I just helped a friend to make something beautiful. They are made from true hardened steel so the guitar acoustically also sound better more resonating and with a way better intonation. I advice to you to give them a try: Link to buy on eBay
  2. I've got the first prototype of the pivots I designed for Aumsen. Small mods needed then I'll have the definitive version. It'll be made by hardened stainless steel. The prototype I have it's not hardened yet but makes the tremolo work like butter and the guitar resonates in a totally different way. It's way better, way way better. As soon we'll have the definitive version the "bending posts" problem will be totally solved. It will be sold by Aumsen on eBay and it'll be very inexpensive so everyone will be able to afford it. I did this to solve the infamous problem that every actual Steinberger has because I love that guitar and I can't stand that I can't play it properly. If the selling of the studs will be good I hope that Aumsen will make the whole bridge. You easily can figure out the meaning of having a full brass bridge on this guitar. I'm excited just thinking about it. I'll let you know as the definitive studs will be available trough eBay. I think they'll be priced about 15$ on eBay.
  3. Ok... Finally working with Aumsen in China we are making new steel made pivots for actual Steinberger Spirit. I'm gonna have some prototypes soon to check that everything is ok. Then they'll be available on ebay and they'll be quite inexpensive. They are made by solid milled stainless steel and then hardened by heat. There will be no chance that these pivots will bend. So I've solved the infamous problem of them bending. Also they'll ring like a bell...
  4. Baseplate is not bent. Anyway I'm not gonna spend 250$ of bridge on a 300$ guitar. Come on...
  5. Hi U all... my Spirit has crudely bent bridge pivots. So hardly bent that the bridge plate is totally leaning towards front body wood. Actually I can't use the guitar without blocking the bridge and I'm going totally mad because I can't find spare parts unless I spend much much money. How should I solve this problem? I tried to send an email to Gibson (Steinberger) but no response by months.
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