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  1. My chronological age is 58, my treadmill tests put my heart at about 45, my head tells me I'm in my 20's and my football knee shows me what it will be like when I'm 92.
  2. +1 A couple of years ago I had problems getting on to their website to renew my subscription, so I called the number listed at the front of their publication. Jason answered and we talked for a couple of minutes about guitars, how I become a subscriber, the weather in Seattle compared to my farm in eastern Wa., and he invited me to drive over and attend one of their FBJ get togethers if I ever get a chance. It was like we were old friends! He took care of my subscription, had his tech guy look into why the website wouldn't let me in and sent a nice thank you email. BTW, I've been
  3. 2 acoustics and 1 electric........ 1996 J-100xtra (mahogany and spruce) 2008 J-45 2006 R8 Les Paul
  4. I wish I was more of a nerd like Bill Gates or Bob Taylor and with all due respect, Ren is gone. Because I have a few Taylor guitars, I get the Wood & Steel magazine from them. In the "Ask Bob" section of 2012 Winter edition there is a quote from Bob I'd like to share. The question was from a player who had recently had rotator cuff surgery and could only play a narrow guitar, preferably with nylon strings. Bob explained that they only made the T-5 and only with steel strings,and that probably wasn't what the player would like at all. He then went on and said this....."My friend
  5. Well into my 50's and I have to admit to owning 3 Taylors, as well as 3 Martins and 2 Gibsons. I play them all and enjoy what each one has to offer. Now take what follows as just the observation of some ol' 50 something guy who likes having friends (about the same age) over for some good food, a few beers and playing music. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the M-36 Martin......when friends drop by it's usually their favorite too and they always want to play it and few want to put it down. My J-100 is the one that everyone wants to try and they all comment on it's great tone, bu
  6. I was doing a little googling earlier today and saw the guitar doodles and thought it was a nice tribute to Les. One of my great regrets in life was to have never seen Les perform live, although I have a nice collection of albums, CDs and DVDs of his music. The summer that he died, I was harvesting one helluva crop of wheat that was increasing in value each day and I told my wife that we were going to use the extra income from the crop and go to NYC and the Iridium and see the great man perform before he died. I had regretted never seeing Chet Atkins play live before his death and wasn't goi
  7. Grain farmer. Primarily wheat, barley and dry peas but over the past 29 years, I've also raised lentils, canola, sunflowers, hay, cattle and hogs. Before that I was a high school vo-ag teacher.
  8. It sounds like Gibson is going to do the right thing for you and I think this is a case where they really deserve credit for looking out for the customer. If you take a look at the warranty that came with the guitar it's very clear about what repairs/replacements Gibson will cover. The section "This Warranty is Subject to the Following Limitations" reads as follows..... #7 Normal wear and tear (i.e. worn frets, worn machine heads, worn plating, string replacement, scratched pickguards, or damages to or discoloration of the instrument finish for any reason). #10 Cracking, discoloratio
  9. At the risk of repeating myself........the next forum is already in place. It's got everything but us. I'm not convinced that it ever will, but if the day should come that this forum is no longer available then we can go to gibson-talk.com. It's been in place for awhile and has lots of potential for growth, kind of reminds me of this forum several years ago when I first began looking around here. Gibson-talk.com
  10. Off the beaten path down on the Palouse about half way between Pullman and Spokane.
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