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  1. 50% Woodshedder 50% The Jammer.....
  2. Del,..this is a sweat lookin' beater. I love the duck tap addition and the added sticker. I bet she could tell some stories... Good luck with the repairs....
  3. I've that Kravitz is a huge guitar collector and has many vintage Gibsons....
  4. Heheeeeeeee,..you make a very good point Stein. It's horrible to say but this burglar has good taste in guitars!!
  5. "....In the event someone stumbles upon a Gibson J45, the one belonging to Catmull has the serial number 03368007. The Fender has the serial code CC110204388 and the Gretch's serial number is cyg05050002..." Here's Tom's J-45 in action....
  6. This thread has involved into an interesting thread about how "roughly", or not,... we should all treat out Gibsons. It's an issue I personally struggle with every year just before going on Summer vacation. Should I just chill out and grab my '63 CW or '64 J-50, throw her in a padded gig back, pack her in the back of the hatchback for the long drive 13 hour drive to France? Or,..... should I just buy another Beater for £200, take that instead and not worry leaving the guitar in the sun or outside.....? One side of the argument, my thinking is:- ".....The vintage Gibson's have lasted this long and most probabley have seen a lot worse and can take a bit of abuse. Just take it you bloody wimp!!!!" or.... ."You will be a long time dead so what's the bloody point in owning such a nice guitar if you don't play and enjoy it???" On the other side :- "...These bloody guitars cost you a lot of money so why take a stupid risk???" or "My Gibsons are old vintage guitars which have had structural movement in there life,...not the newer sturdier made modern Gibsons so treat these old boys with care!" This year I'm leaning again towards getting a beater.....I know what you are thinking: I'm a bloody wimp!!!!!
  7. Just as long as it's not his Johnson....
  8. Can we see Gilbert? Is he a Gibson?
  9. Wrong Forum mate. I think you wanted to post this in the long hair tight pant and loud music Forum, not the old man hard of hearing Acoustic section!
  10. That's a picture of my son. Here's one of me:-
  11. Errr,......OK Mr. With It,...maybe JedZep should have simply added the word "Vintage" to his post. This thread is after all about the new Bozeman made Gibson LG-2 model and not vintage LG-2's.....Oy Veh!!!!!! :lol:
  12. Masterbuilts and the recent "Inspired by Texans" are completely different guitars.... "...and this i found really interesting , was the texan ., have been looking at epiphones to use in a scuffy gig situation or a house party ,, it sounds really good ! obviously different from the gibsons but still , well worth a couple hundred quid !" Again,..sorry but you are comparing Apples and Oranges when you refer to the "Texan". The Inspired by is $ 360 and the Texan pictured above is over $ 5,000 + of quality Montana USA made guitar. It would be unfair to compare the two and to assume that a the Texan you saw used for £ 180 will sound anything like the Texan on the picture above and on the sound clip...... Saying all that the "Inspired by" Texan is a very good option for a cheap low end guitar... :huh:
  13. I'm even more confused???? What's the Real Deal then?? By being old school do you mean that you bought a vintage LG-2??? The above guiatar is from a Gibson dealer so what did you buy?
  14. Errrr,...I'm confused. So have you just ordered this actual guitar then?
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