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  1. Del,..this is a sweat lookin' beater. I love the duck tap addition and the added sticker. I bet she could tell some stories... Good luck with the repairs....
  2. I've that Kravitz is a huge guitar collector and has many vintage Gibsons....
  3. Heheeeeeeee,..you make a very good point Stein. It's horrible to say but this burglar has good taste in guitars!!
  4. "....In the event someone stumbles upon a Gibson J45, the one belonging to Catmull has the serial number 03368007. The Fender has the serial code CC110204388 and the Gretch's serial number is cyg05050002..." Here's Tom's J-45 in action....
  5. This thread has involved into an interesting thread about how "roughly", or not,... we should all treat out Gibsons. It's an issue I personally struggle with every year just before going on Summer vacation. Should I just chill out and grab my '63 CW or '64 J-50, throw her in a padded gig back, pack her in the back of the hatchback for the long drive 13 hour drive to France? Or,..... should I just buy another Beater for £200, take that instead and not worry leaving the guitar in the sun or outside.....? One side of the argument, my thinking is:- ".....The vintage Gibson's have las
  6. Just as long as it's not his Johnson....
  7. Can we see Gilbert? Is he a Gibson?
  8. Wrong Forum mate. I think you wanted to post this in the long hair tight pant and loud music Forum, not the old man hard of hearing Acoustic section!
  9. That's a picture of my son. Here's one of me:-
  10. Errr,......OK Mr. With It,...maybe JedZep should have simply added the word "Vintage" to his post. This thread is after all about the new Bozeman made Gibson LG-2 model and not vintage LG-2's.....Oy Veh!!!!!! :lol:
  11. Masterbuilts and the recent "Inspired by Texans" are completely different guitars.... "...and this i found really interesting , was the texan ., have been looking at epiphones to use in a scuffy gig situation or a house party ,, it sounds really good ! obviously different from the gibsons but still , well worth a couple hundred quid !" Again,..sorry but you are comparing Apples and Oranges when you refer to the "Texan". The Inspired by is $ 360 and the Texan pictured above is over $ 5,000 + of quality Montana USA made guitar. It would be unfair to compare the two and to assume t
  12. I'm even more confused???? What's the Real Deal then?? By being old school do you mean that you bought a vintage LG-2??? The above guiatar is from a Gibson dealer so what did you buy?
  13. Errrr,...I'm confused. So have you just ordered this actual guitar then?
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