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  1. Love your Avatar man.... Looks like your an oldnewbie...Welcome and thanks for posting an Introduction all the same...Glad your illness is not stopping you from enjoying your Gibsons!!! Rocky Mountain High!!!
  2. Hi Pat and Welcome to the Forum!!! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself its greatly appreciated Bone vrs. Tusq is a personal choice but many Forum members have made the switch to Bone. I've always personally gone for bone for the potential sound improvement as well as the Aesthetic benefit. You really can't beat the beauty of a nicely polished un-bleached bone nut IMO!!!
  3. Hi Nick, Welcome to the Forum. So what Gibsons do you have? We love photos so feel free to upload a few....
  4. Welcome Frederik! Glad to have another Scandinavian on the Forum!!!! Let's see some pictures of your new baby when you get her settled at home...
  5. I think the porcelain Saddles helped the tone on these... Here's a picture of the Plastic Bridge and Porcelain saddle combo set originally on my '63 Country Western...It's nice that the original owner keep all the bits & pieces for provenance.. FYI - Here's an interesting link on a replacement of a Gibson Plastic Bridge and Porcelain Saddle replacement.... Paul Hostetter, luthier
  6. Welcome to the Forum 45Slinger, it's great to have you and thanks for taking the time to Introduce Yourself!! Can we see a few pictures of your new J-45?
  7. Man,..that TV is HUUUUGE!!!!!!
  8. Hi Louhikaarme,..and welcome to the Acoustic Forum!!! There's a bunch of knowledgable peeps on the site. Glad to have you onboard!!! As Chris said,..let's see some pictures!!!!
  9. Was that your introduction?
  10. Spot here,......Livin' in between London and the US,....I've got a vintage guitar addiction that I just can't kick!!!! I've tried newer guitars but they just don't float my boat the way that old wood does..... Luckily,.... my drug of choice is GIBSON. Something about the look, smell, hum and feel of a vintage Gibson just makes me go weak at the kness.....
  11. Hahaaaaaaa,..you are an old Forum "Goat" and therefore have no reason to Introduce yourself Chris!!!
  12. My '63 CW apparently came with a plastic saddle and ceramic bridge as they were in the case when I bought her...
  13. ...Yeah,..its hard to see on my photo but if you go to the link below and scroll over the binding and soundhole,..you will see what I mean... http://www.guitarvillage.co.uk/productdetail.aspx?pid=11939&c=150&product=Gibson+J-45+Custom+Five+Star+LTD+%2313131065%2c+New%2c+Vintage+Sunburst%2c+Inc.+Case
  14. ...what did you make of the soundhole & body Bling?
  15. Has anyone seen or played one of these yet? The story goes that Ren Gibson personally found a stash of beautifully grained Rosewood on a trip to India, ordered it and used it for these 50 exclusive models. Guitar Village got 6 of them and I played one yesterday.... The Back & side are beautiful and the Rosewood gives this baby a very sweet sound, the nicest of the 6-7 jumbos they had in the showroom. The Headstock and tuners are lovely but the body bling is just a little to loud for my conservative tastes!!! Far preferred the look of the Custom Shop Tri-Burst they had in stock, although the neck was a little to chunky for me.... J-45 Custom Five Star LTD Exclusively available to Gibson Five Star Dealers only - 50 Made Worldwide - 25 Available in Europe Gibsons top selling J-45 Custom with exclusive enhancements for a super charged acoustic performance and high collectable value! Select Wide Grained Adriondack Red Spruce Top Herringbone Trim Master Luthier Ren Fergusons Exclusive Mystically Figured Rosewood Back & Sides Open Back Gold Butterbean Tuners Classic MoP Gibson Headstock Block Logo L.R. Baggs Element Pickup Her's the Tri-burst....
  16. Steve,

    Do yoy make truss rod covers for Epiphone Sheri's? I posted a thread on the Epi Forum. Looking for a teo screw for my '80's Sheraton...



  17. I can confirm this as it was the case with my j-45 HC and my recently sold SJ MC....
  18. That would be the Non-Macca Texan and I meant EBAY...



  19. Hey Steve,

    It's up on the AY if you are interested...



  20. Yes Stein,...and a very happy one to!!!!
  21. Just got her,.....my 1960 ES-125 T!!! She's a beauty and in brand nw condition for a 52 new old instrument, its actually quite scary!!!!
  22. Good point Jim.....Thom doesn'r seem to have a problem....
  23. Thanks guys.....The guitar in question looks good and the dealer confirms no neck reset required and that the neck is in tip top shape... I'm going for it!!!!!!... Will post pictures soon!
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