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  1. Thank you and totally agree - I’m not looking to make the finish perfect at all. I’d just like to get back it’s shine and also remove the light scratches. Definitely don’t want to take off any more finish than is needed to do this. Plan to start very slow. Greatly appreciate your input. Thanks!
  2. Thanks jdgm. For the deeper scratches, any recommendations?
  3. Hi... I'm looking to remove scratches from my original 1959 Gibson ES-330TD in black. I've read various posts here and wanted input on my plan before I execute it. First, I've attached a pic of the back of the guitar that shows some scratches and also a couple deeper ones. (Excuse the reflections.) I'm guessing the solution to these are different. My understanding is that for the light/medium scratches (big red circle) that one would use a product like the StewMac combo, ColorTone Clean + Shine with Scratch Remover. https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/supplies/sanding-and-polishing/colortone-clean-and-shine-with-scratch-remover-set-of-2-8oz.html Per their website the instructions are: "Simply apply Clean + Shine with a clean cotton cloth or directly on the instrument. Buff to a gloss. Follow with the Scratch Remover if you want to remove fine scratches. Work it into the scratches until they disappear, repeat and let dry to a haze. Buff with a clean cloth until smooth and shiny. Follow up with Clean + Shine for best results." So my questions include is this the right product to use? (I've seen people using toothpaste, car wax, ... so I know there are many options.) And would this product work on the scratches I've shown in the picture. Your guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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