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  1. Does Gibson know they have customers outside USA and Canada who would love to enter these contests????
  2. Short only because I have most of the ones I want anyway! BC Rich Mockingbird Legacy ST love the shape and all the switches has to be in trans red. A 50s style Gibson LP could go for a Slash one as specs similar and looks different due to no pick guard and no humbucker covers. A 12 string acoustic no preferred brand.
  3. Still new to looking up serial numbers but I found a site where you can put the number in and it says 2022? https://zinginstruments.com/gibson-serial-number-lookup/ The number on the headstock is 226500080 just wondering how that can be the case when we are still in 2021? I bought it from a music store it has the case and baby photo etc I do not believe it to be a fake.
  4. I saw Guns n Roses in 1988 in Melbourne, Australia and they were awful. They were late to stage, sound was a mess. No encore due to late start, actually they kind of had one they just didn't walk off and come back on. Slash did a long boring solo. The support act Kings of the Sun kicked their arses, sounded really tight and had a lot more energy.
  5. I like my Strat but I love my Gibson's. I like the heavier and warmer sound and overall Gibson's just have a meanness about them whereas Fender's are more polite and yes, I know Hendrix and SRV used Strat's but they are more the exception rather than rule.
  6. The '58 is $4,999 https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSVXV696/1958-Les-Paul-Standard-Reissue/Bourbon-Burst The '59 is $6,499 https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUS9IM458/1959-Les-Paul-Standard-Reissue/Washed-Cherry-Sunburst The differences don't seem that great (I'm not very techie though so I may have missed something) just wondering if there was a reason or if it is just because the '59 would be more popular?
  7. Looks cool shame they couldn't do a deep burgundy or aubergine inside the case the pink ruins the image somewhat.
  8. After some very questionable decisions in the past, not just with colour schemes but guitars in general I think Gibson really are trying to go back to basics and tradition. The 50's and 60's Standards are non weight relief which they are making a big deal about and they don't have push/pull controls either because they wouldn't have had those back then. I remember the colours they came out with a few years back, there was one scheme that was supposed to look like a starry night or something, it actually looked like someone laid the Les Paul on the floor and used it as a drip mat while pa
  9. Maybe you want a HSS or HSH strat? I have a HSS and the tone is still "thinner" as you describe it to Gibson guitars (or other humbucker ones). You could try a P90 equipped Gibson or one of the Modern style Gibsons that have push/pull function to split the coils like my Les Paul studio has, that might give you an in between for the tone you are looking for? Here's a comparison vid for the split coil effect vs Strat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlDZyfJxQpM
  10. Thanks for all the tips I will check them out, no rush on this project but I would eventually like to have the guitar going again.
  11. I really like the sound of those Colorado pick ups.
  12. Hi All, I have an old no brand name Stratocaster copy and I have been thinking about putting new pick ups in it as the ones they currently have are shot. Any advice on decent but cheap ones? I was thinking Wilkinson's? Single coil picks preferred. Thanks.
  13. And another one from the interesting couple....or under that if you like groups....
  14. Hi All, from Australia, have loved Gibson's and especially Les Paul's since the early 80's. Love blues, rock, rockabilly, metal mostly and country. Anyway saying G'day.
  15. Hi Sarah, I'm new here as well but been playing for a while now.
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