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  1. About a month into it now, and all I can say is WOW!!! This is the 7th different electric guitar I have owned, I still have 5 of those and I must say this thing really shines amongst the line-up. It is a bit heavier than everything else, only my PRS SE is close in weight, and I kind of like the weight, really. The neck is SO fast, I mean it is REALLY easy to get into the 17-24 frets with zero issues, of course I have big hands, too, so that helps. The action is awesome, very smooth with zero fret buzz, only my HLK Tele is comparable on the action. The cool rails are SO awesome, especially
  2. Thank you Sparquelito, I'm a HUGE fan of SD Pickups, and I absolutely LOVE how my JB/Jazz Hotrodder set sounds in my LP, but I just wasn't sure how the JB and the Cool Rails would sound together. I can hear them on the SD site, but it's not "Exactly" the same as hearing them all together in this platform. Yeah, I really dig the Headstock Fret Markers as well, at first glance they look like Chili Peppers to me, I thought it looked really cool!!
  3. I did quite a bit of research before I pull'ed the trigger on this New Kramer SM-1 (Candy Blue) from Sweetwater. It will be my very first true shred machine, and will really round out my little guitar collection I have built. This one come pre-loaded with the Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge (Which I'm familiar with and LOVE) and a set of cool rails in the middle and neck, which I am not familiar with. My question is how well do these pickups pair with each other? I have a Hotrodder Combo in my LP and I KNOW how those sound, but this is a new experience/platform for me, so if anyone has
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