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  1. So, i'm familiar with fret buzz, a couple of my guitars do this to a varying degree (talking about acoustics here). However, I just got a j45 acoustic via reverb and there's a new issue I haven't dealt with. each and every single fret I 'hit' or 'slam' or barely even press down on I can here the string physically, and singularly hit the metal fret. so when I hit an individual note, even softly, it creates extra noise. To be clear, there's no buzzing when playing chords, even picking notes in quick succession, but when playing slow individual notes, somethings' not right. Am I describ
  2. Does that guide have one for j-35? It's so odd the j-35 isn't listed many places. If their numbers are high then this j-35 might be closer to $1k true value...
  3. Is there a diagram or tip you can give me about single vs double x? and which one is more desire-able?
  4. So I've been offered a trade of (my) taylor for this gibson j-35. It's a 90th anniversary edition built in Nashville in the fall of '84 for the 85' calendar year. I've found posts over the net about the j-30, j-45, etc that yes, 90th anniversary run did exist and was rather limited, but less about the j-35. This also has a unique paint job, is square shouldered (from what I gather was basically a copy of the dove's they made at the time). I've also read about the humidity issues and quality issues at this time. I'm also not 100% sure this is all solid wood or not. What
  5. oh sweet. yeah just dated it to november 19, 2018. with '039' the Plant designation. I'm guessing this guitar is legit.
  6. You're totally right. I didn't even notice. It lightly says (I think bc of the walnut) Made in USA and 2019 underneath it. serial number says manufactured in like oct/nov of 2018 so I assume they call those 2019 models?
  7. the typing is the serial number. it's pressed in, not too much though. that serial number matches the sticker inside the guitar. It's a....good guitar. It needs new strings and action fixed BADLY. honestly, my taylor plays like a dream, but I took a chance with this j-45. I'll get new strings, a setup, oil the fretboard, and really give it a good shot before I pass judgement. I nabbed it for $800
  8. Just bought this (2018) j-45 studio. Has some issues Do new gibson acoustics say 'made in usa' on back of headstock? Mine doesn't. Serial number on headstock and on sticker inside DO match though. Biggest thing was the guy I bought it from 'barely' played it, and had basically everything as is new, has a gibson strap, hardshell case, etc. but the paperwork of a gibson inspection checklist serial number does NOT match the guitar. from what this guy told me, he bought the guitar off the rack at guitar center and the employee just put it in a case with all the accessories. The paperwork
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