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  1. With all due respect, maybe you need to get your eyes tested? Putting nicks, dings and scratches on a guitar is my prerogative not Gibson's. Compare this to ordering a fried egg in a restaurant and the chef breaking the yolk on your behalf. Your comment doesn't make any sense. At the price Gibson are charging, they should be aiming for perfection. It's not impossible.
  2. Update time: So, the dealer took the guitar back on a Thursday and called me back the next day to try to tell me the guitar was perfect. Obviously not perfect, so I told him what I thought was the problem/s with the guitar. So, a week later, the company sent me an email saying that the luthier had looked the guitar over and apart from a setup to intonate the guitar and a change of strings from 9s to 10s (better tuning stability apparently), nothing else had to be done. All on their dime and in the opinion of all of the shop workers, the guitar was perfect... So, okay. Gibson have also contacte
  3. Just so you know, the music store I bought the guitar from are coming to pick up the guitar to sort out the problem. I just want to say, I've been very impressed by this community. Everyone has been extremely helpful and I wish to say a big thank you to you all. I will keep you posted
  4. Do you think a good luthier could fix up the unsightly binding?
  5. Do you think a good luthier could fix up the unsightly binding?
  6. I'm not entirely sure if the frets are 100% level. The neck seems straight
  7. It has a three year guarantee for factory defects, which this is. I will let you guys know when I receive a reply. I'm certainly not interested in spending X amount of money trying to solve somebody else's mistake. Apart from that the guitar sounds nice, the neck is really slinky. I want to keep but cannot accept the crappy fretwork. It could and should be the best guitar I've ever had in my life but Gibson have somehow deemed that impossible.
  8. If the company I bought it from don't take it back and do the necessary work to rectify the problem, I intend to take it to a luthier. I'm pretty sure the only reasonable option would be to have the fretboard level and the whole thing refretted. Maybe, I'm wrong, perhaps someone could educate me on that.
  9. I swear the notes don't sound one hundred percent in that area..
  10. I already have but I'm still waiting for their reply. The company is called Malaga 8 in Madrid. It is Gibson's fault for shipping out crap with huge blunders like this on it but the dealer's fault for not sending it back in the first place.
  11. I actually think they scraped off some of the fretboard in the process. It's easy to see with the naked eye, less so in a photo.
  12. It does have a 3 year guarantee and as I consider this a manufacturing defect, I should be able to get them to do the work on their dime. The company is called Malaga 8 in Madrid.
  13. I have found a luthier in my area that should be able to go down that route should the eventuality arise. Although I know nothing about guitar repair, it is becoming apparent to me that the binding is the least of my problems. It's sad to say I bought a 400€ Chinese made Epiphone for my son that has none of these issues. I know it is not fair to compare as they are kind of on different entry levels but come on Gibson! It is telling that you had the same problems with two LPs. I'm afraid that if I had the SG replaced, there would be similar issues. It is not a good feeling to spend 1300€ on you
  14. The no quibble return time is 14 days and I'm way past that by this point. However the dealer gives a 3 year guarantee and I would say the given the severity of the defect, it should be covered.
  15. Looking at it again it does look as though the frets are not at all level either. Basically, I find myself having to make tiny adjustments to the tuning constantly as it doesn't seem to sound in-tune in certain positions. I can never seem to get it 100% right. I would like to see the dealer or Gibson address this as it becoming apparent to me that the guitar is somewhat defective and needs to be reviewed under its guarantee. As you can see more ugly and wildly inconsistent profiling:
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