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  1. Yeah this is a music negative type thread. Nobody wants to hear the a player they like is a loser. Hey I really do like most everybody who plays decent even the early crude type blues guys like Tim Simmons of Savoy Brown. Crude but got a very nice tone out of his Gibson and Marshall Super Lead Stack.
  2. Me I like to tone of the two pickups on and sometimes rolling back the bass pickups volume by one number with that combination. Love that tubular bell tone.
  3. Why's everbody so buzzed about GC. My San Francisco based stores always deal with me. I'll usually name my price 33% off retail or what I think a used item is worth and they work with me. Like i bought a Heritage Strat type guitar for $600 when it was marked $900. I ended up moving that guitar for $800. Do it the New York way don't be afraid to ask for a percentage off. Do not pay listing prices.
  4. Ernie Ball 10 to 46, been using them on my Les Paul and Strat for years. I tried the fancy gauges heavy bottom light top, 11's to 52's de tuning's on the strat and went back to the old 10 to 46's concert tuning.
  5. I had the same problem the pickup puts out near 16ohms which makes it a dark sounding pickup. I bought a Seth Lover on Ebay new for near $100, this pickup is 8 plus ohms very much the sound of the vintage les pauls I've owned.
  6. I didn't take any pictures back then. Lol it's before the internet took off.
  7. Main difference is the custom uses a ebony fingerboard and the Standard a Rosewood fingerboard. The Ebony sounds darker while the Rosewood adds brightness.
  8. Wow I forgot to mention my BC Rich guitars, how could I forget. 1. BC Rich *****, the real deal made by Bernie Rico clear finish. 2. A very old Eagle also clear. 3. I guess I did forget, a Bernie Rico one in blue with the wierd horn, forget what they called it. This one and the ***** had all the switches and the battery juiced pickups. Joe Perry Arrowsmith used the one with the horn allot. 4. Last a Bernie Rico Brazilian Rosewood dreadnaught, very sweet.
  9. "The stock pickup was putting out 16ohms early pauls are near 8ohms" 16ohms for me is way too high, like putting a dimarzio hot hot pickup in the Paul. For me the best tone is from the pickups on say a 1959 Les Paul or 1968. These pickups were tuned in around 8ohms. The higher the ohms the hotter the sound or distortion plus they'll be a bassy tone, no where near the highs of the oriiginal older Les Paul. You want the Jimmy Page tone get a Seth Lover Duncan. The rythum pickup on the Studio in fine and down around 8ohms. All you have to do to test your pickups is connect the ohm reader
  10. I'd be interested to know if the treble stays bright when you roll off the volume now? I noticed on my 2000 studio no treble being lost when rolling off the volume. My 1968 an other gibsons I've had did lose treble. I don't know whether it's the new pickups or guitar electronics. Probably the electronics because I put a Duncan Seth lover in the lead spot and still no roll off. The stock pickup was putting out 16ohms early pauls are near 8ohms a much brighter tone.
  11. Kent guitar love it. They had those at Lafayette Electronics in Brooklyn. Jeesh were they even american made. I remember the finish lacquer wasn't too bad, maybe a problem with action though. wild Actually my very first guitar was a Harmony Monterey $35 new that I put a pickguard pickup combination on from Lafayette Electronics. We played a battle of the bands doing two hot tunes of the times. Gloria and Last time by the rolling stones. We lost :) The band that won did Time is on my side stones, dust was the band you know they had Marky Ramone as the drummer and the guitarist and sing
  12. Here's an oddball I still have, purchased for $200 and actually a great guitar. Quality work very nice woods made by a guitar maker in the Bay Area named Lowery in 1976. If this was a Gibson I could sell it and get a Lamborgini. http://www.videodementia.com/sales/modern.jpg Here's a shot of a guy playing that 1976 Explorer which I bought new when they came out. Huge baseball bat neck which was great. http://www.videodementia.com/sales/clapton.jpg
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