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  1. Thanks everyone for the help. I appreciate it. Shawn
  2. Hello. I am a fellow guitar player and a friend brought a guitar to me to look over that was a family members. I am trying to find the year the guitar was made. On the inside of the instrument through the F hole is says on a oval sticker Gibson L4 and number 98700. All of the text is ink stamped, nothing is hand written. The L4 is in red ink and the Gibson name and number are black stamped ink. I have looked on the internet but I keep getting somewhere in the late 40s but can't find anything definite. Also the name GIBSON on the head stock is rather old looking but it does not have "the" in the title. Just "Gibson". Anyone with any knowledge it would be greatly appreciated. The only issue with the guitar is the back plates have come unglued the entire length of the back. Thanks, Shawn
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