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  1. @GuitarJunie: ROFL why do you have my posts as ur sig? not kul and I meant to put "I dont have my contact on, I can only see through one eye D: @Gus: Well study up then, I dont know a lot about Gibsons but I know a lot about Fenders... unfortunately :|
  2. ...<3 and from the looks of it, Freddy has a legit Custom but not better than my Standard by the way I noticed that we both have standards :D
  3. W00T!!! back to the Fender forums, lets go!!! Nice meeting some of you guys and at least I learned something, la8er ppl!!!!
  4. Ya I know, Im just hyper, like a lot, heck Id start a conversation with you right now but there would be no point to it see Im just random like that :) and thanks for the info it helps but then again what about the serial number, theres no serial number from what he tells us.
  5. Doesnt really matter, I blocked all number that arent in California, I got to unretrict a number so they can call, text or w/e And shadup Im only blind in 1 eye and that wasnt my fault I lost my vision 3 years ago, stupid locker and ya I put on my contact and it doesnt really help me, just take better picutres!
  6. Ya dont be illiterate, if you were to stay in skul you would know how to spell!! And if you can blow up the picutres that would help, I dont have my contact on atm and I broke my glasses D:
  7. RAWR you loser but whos guitar is that, the tittle really makes you wonder and if there is no serial number then we need to see a full body shot. (Edit by Mod, I strongly suggest not to post a phone number on this or any forum)
  8. I believe hes a junior, we went to the same school, ummmmm I believe guitar theory from..... my bindra I believe, hes...........15 i believe.
  9. Les Paul Standard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Actually on my strat I got EMG S-3's on them and they are meant for distortion and they are very powerful but surprisingly they have very clean tone.
  11. lol i just dont see the point of owning more than 2 guitars, i stick with a guitar I can rely on that why i had my strat for almost a decade but....... RAWR IM STILL MAD RAWR
  12. well that kinda custom will run you a lot of grands, A Gibson les paul stanard with 60s neck is the way to go, great humbuckers, action, tone, and a 60s neck, I personally dont like them but this is what I would consider getting if thats what I were looknig for.
  13. most likely FAKE, no dot over the i and if it were a real Gibson I sure as hell wouldnt put it in a super sh***y case like that. also if you guys havent noticed the headstock isnt curved like a real Gibson is.
  14. RAWR I hate you because you have a 80s strat and I dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. NICE FENDERS!!! I only have a Fender 50's series strat that ive had for like 9 years and still in its solid condition with a Flyod Rose and EMG S-3's. other than that i didnt change too many things. ill get some pics later but dang those are some nice Fenders.
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