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  1. I found this Dutch website that has a search for the serial numbers: https://www.guitarinsite.nl/serienummers-gibson_eng.php. Also, has the option to search the pot serial codes as Lungimsam suggested.
  2. Not the best neck pickup shot, but it is stamped like other people have seen with Pat 2737842 and then has some hard to read black text over it. I have not found anything definitive on these yet as the shawbuckers apparently have 12 poles, but these only the 6. Bridge is the same except for black text numbers. Looks like neck: 072487, bridge: 873295. I have not seen that anywhere else yet.
  3. This is an extremely late additional question to add, but did anyone come to a conclusion about this? I have a 1985 LP Studio and have pickups that look the same with the stamp instead of sticker. The bridge has something inked over it as well. Some details are on another discussion:
  4. More pics of side of fretboard, and color on the body. I think it used to be like a metallic gray, but now definitely has some browns in there. Enjoy!
  5. Ok, so I finally got around to getting it cleaned. I am posting pics of bridge pickup slot, pic of strap button hole with weird blue thing, and side of fretboard (next post). There are definitely two wood types, so maple top/mahogany body. You can see the maple in the chip on the left side of the image and mahogany below it. Not sure about the weird blue thing inside the strap button. Never noticed it, ideas? And, the side of the fretboard looks like it may have been dyed or stained in the past?? I have some more research to do on the strap buttons since I have never really looked at them and they are different.
  6. I do not think that it has been refinished (?). It definitely has some nice dings in it, but it is an odd shade of green/olive drab almost. Have seen some people saying maybe shawbuckers, but I have not taken them out to look at them yet (was planning on giving it a really good clean soon). Right now the the pickguard and truss rod cover are mirrored and I would really like to change them back to the original black. Tuners are aftermarket locking sperzels. Also saw a post on wikipedia that said some of the early studios were alder instead of mahogany, so hence my question about that.
  7. Hello All, I have an '85 Les Paul Studio that I bought 2nd hand about 15 years ago, but was too young at the time to appreciate what I have. Previous owner made some "upgrades" that I would like to change back to make it look more original. Does anyone know specs for the '85 model year such as colors, body material, pickup type, tune type, etc.?
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