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  1. I was gifted a Black Kramer Guitar that i know nothing about. I tried to figure out how to post a picture on here but it is beyond me so if anyone wants to give me an email address i could send them that way. Anyway, so far all i know is that i think it is made in the USA early 80's and has a single schaller(made in Germany) pick in the bridge. Says Kramer on the head and serial numcer is on the rear plate(C5408). Thats about all. Thanks for the help.
  2. Aakes

    80's USA Kramer

    Well isn't that a fine thing......i will give it the old High School try. Thanks for the info and love the pic you sent.
  3. Aakes

    80's USA Kramer

    i don't know how to post the photos?
  4. Aakes

    80's USA Kramer

    I just picked up a 80"s Kramer in great condition made in USA. I don't know anything about it so was wondering where i might find out info on it. thoughts?
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