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  1. Hi Fred, seems I have tracked you down while researching what age a certain J-185 Vintage acoustic is that a certain music shop has for sale on behalf (which i played this morning)... They have a Larrivee from you too, so that was a slam dunk private eye conclusion... :-)
    From the serial number I have deduced it (the J-185) was #36 made on the 26th Jan. 2007, is this correct? Sorry to hear that you have trouble playing these days... I notice the back doesn't look like flame maple, it's like the wood was cut almost parallel to the grain rather than across the grain like tops are made. Do you know what wood the back and sides are please?
    Anyway I was looking for a used J-45 but I think your guitar might be a better choice, depending on what we can negotiate... Thanks for your reply, Mick


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