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  1. Hell yeah, me too! I hope it is the correct screw. Thanks for offering help! I might send some updates when I have received it.
  2. Hi Rick, thanks, that's so nice of you! I have contacted the seller on eBay and managed to get her to send me it! It will probably take a few weeks, but I am quite happy already 🙂
  3. Hi there, Does anyone know where I can find a single original black tuning screw for a Gibson TP-6 tailpiece? Gibson does not sell them separately. I found a store on eBay, but they don't want to ship it to my country.. See the photo below. The screw is not the same as the Epiphone bridge one. Could use any tips or information! Thanks in advance, Tim
  4. Cool, that like 2000-3000 euro's right?
  5. Yes, can I contact you privately? Then I can share some photos
  6. Well, I can buy one for 2100 euro's, good deal? In a very mint condition.
  7. 2100 euro's, I think it's a 355 by the way
  8. So €2100 would be an average price?
  9. Hi, What is the current market value of a Gibson Lucille B.B. King Signature series guitar from 1996? See imgur for photos https://m.imgur.com/a/YhRoeGR Thanks in advance! Regards, Tim
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