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  1. Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I worked for Gibson from the late 70s through the early 80s at the Nashville plant, back when it was new. Norlin Industries owned the brand at that time. I built Les Pauls and SGs. We were always changing things and experimenting with new tone woods. We actually ran a batch of Les Paul bodies made of oak, if you can imagine that. The things weighed a ton. Then there was The Paul made of walnut, which were actually good guitars. The Firebrand was another short-lived LP and SG model. Models come and go. It's all about the bottom line,
  2. Too much Gibson stuff apparently goes bye bye.
  3. Damn. What is Gibson doing, cleaning house? This sure doesn't sound like an effective strategy for attracting new customers. Yeah, hardycreek1, I'm hanging on to my G-45, too.
  4. Thanks, kidblast. Yeah, that's what I figured. If they were selling them, they'd still be making them. They are good guitars, though, or at least the studio version is, which is the only one I have experience with. I would think more people would be into them. I guess folks just prefer the more classic Gibson models. Yes, I'm glad I got one. And I'll be keeping it.
  5. There it is. The answer. Common man be damned . I'll hang on to my G-45 and keep playing my Seagulls as a member of the proletariat!
  6. Thanks again, Sgt. Pepper. Seems like a strange way to run things. I think the G-45 is a winner--sustainable woods, solid wood construction, and, to me, a really nice tone. I have enjoyed the walnut/spruce combination. Granted, I haven't played $2,000+ Gibson acoustics, but that's the point; the G-45 represents Gibson tone and quality in an affordable, relatively speaking, guitar. The discontinuation doesn't make sense to me unless the powers-that-be have decided to go with the J-15, which is damn near twice as much as the G-45. Oh, well.
  7. Thanks, Sgt. Pepper. Seems strange to discontinue a model that was introduced less than two years ago. Interesting. I'm glad I got mine when I did.
  8. I was wondering if the G-45 has been discontinued. If so, does anyone know why? I have the Studio version and think it's a really nice guitar , especially for someone who wants a Gibson but can't afford an expensive one. Thanks.
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