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  1. 40+ and naughty. I married her. Best move I ever made. She's awesome. Beeen together about 13 or so years Dave
  2. Man, that is beautiful. Great flame. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy Dave
  3. The first and only ding on my Robot LP was about the third day I had it. I was taking the guitar off my shoulder when I caught the strap on something and bang, I got nailed on the front tooth. Put a small dent on my guitar and a trip to the dentist to repair a broken tooth. Played hockey for years and never broke a tooth. Who knew Guitar playing was such a rough hobby. Dave
  4. I really like nice, quality things, guitars included but I'm more of a beer guy. Dave
  5. PBR, my everyday beer of choice. Even in Canada. Funny that it is imported and still one of the more reasonably priced in the province of Quebec. Really enjoy a Rickards Red or Pale ale now and then too. Dave
  6. I really enjoy Neil now and again. Not big on his lead guitar though. A little too rough for my tastes but it is part of what it is. Really like the acoustic stuff too. Saw him play a couple of times in Ottawa and Toronto many moons ago. One of them was his techno phase. I'm still trying to forget that one. He's part of the Canadian tapestry. Keep on truckin' Neil Dave
  7. That stuff can KILL you. That video is wacked. Go the old fashioned way with some goodies and rolling papers or a bowl. Dave
  8. I don't think I would use it on my guitars. It is actually a compressed gas which under certain circumstances can be ignited. Cool if you are pulling a Jimmy Hendrix. I even wonder if it would promote checking of the finish just because if sprayed for a few seconds, it is extremely cold as mentioned earlier in the tech support butt freeze incident. Dave
  9. dleth

    Is this real?

    No longer listed. Good work fellow forumers. Dave
  10. I see an SG, American standard Strat, a hollow body (not sure which) and a 12 string acoustic. Won't be for a while though. I've spent what is for me quite a bit of cash this past year. I figure if I can budget a couple of thousand a year, I'll have everything I want in the next 5 years or so. No great rush, I really love what I have now. Dave
  11. I hear ya. But truth be told, my wife is really cool. She even tickles the ivory's now and then. It is her firm belief that every man should have a garage or a cave. We turn it into a theatre sometimes to watch movies or sporting events. I attach a digital projector to my cable box and stereo and project an 8 foot screen on the wall. Hockey games especially. Dave
  12. Here's an outside view of the man cave. It is a 22 x 22 foot building setup just for a playhouse. Got a small bar in there, a woodstove, couch, pinball machine, jukebox, sterio system,dart board and of course music stuff and a loft for storage. And an inside picture of the girls hanging out by the jukebox. Dave
  13. This one was fully restored by a guru about a few hours away from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The guy actually hugs it when he see's it. This is the first time my father in law (also my best bud) had someone else restore something for him. We share a property where we live and the vintage stuff is incredible. Dave
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