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  1. Quick update, just talked with Gibson customer service they asked me to send it to them for warranty evaluation. I’m glad they stay behind their products. I’ll update here friends. Thanks for the help again.
  2. @NighthawkChris according to Gibson serial numbering system model year of my Guitar is 2016, serial number starts with 1600xxxxx and there is ‘2016 model’ mark just under made in U.S.A stamp too.
  3. Here are some extra photos of my guitar. https://imgur.com/a/eGVp29x
  4. @NighthawkChrisThanks for the explanation, I feel much better now. I can understand that solid finish on wood surface could cause some issues in time, that's totally normal. I wasn't sure why it was looking like a line of crack, I don't know the exact body layers of Les Pauls. I thought it could be a glue issue between layers. Thanks again.
  5. Hey friends, I bought Les Paul Standard in 2016, I always kept my Guitar in temp and humidity controlled environment with my other classic and electric guitars. When I was changing my strings I realized that paint started to crack as line, I assume this is the top layer of the body. I feel super sad. Do you have any idea? Is that something that I consider as a normal, or should I start worrying about it, and do something, any recommendation. I don't know if there is a factory defect or manufacturing problem with 2016 series. Thank you.
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