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  1. I might not be able to do that Derek Bailey stuff, but I can do this:
  2. What the hell?! That sg was his trademark!
  3. I find it funny that the same people who say everything has been done musically are the same people who are too afraid to accept experimental genres such as avant garde and free jazz.
  4. Nothing to be alarmed of, folks! Hawking's communicator malfunctioned.
  5. Wow, reminds me of Bucket, but he doesn't play that kind of stuff for that long. Very atonal. Is that improvised? He plays on Company 91, I knew I recognized his name.
  6. Interesting. I was just thinking: I may be one to use a specific scale to improvise, but I'm not very much about theory. When I write a song, I just use my ear to tell which chords go together and how they should resolve.
  7. Yeah, I mean, if you try to use a minor scale, it will have the correct notes, but just by playing the root, it sounds so unresolved.
  8. It's best to use an E-major scale. The rest sound bad. When I improvise to a song, first I find the root note, and then construct the scale. Using the other scales really doesn't work. There's a lot of people on here who don't know ****. I'm not crazy about theory, but come on! The second most popular option is "E minor" "Oh, they both are E so they go together!"
  9. C# is the relative minor so it has the correct notes, but it might sounds weird. The rest don't work. If I want to create something bluesy, I use a blues scale in place of a minor scale.
  10. My mando is sunburst, not black. Still, that's a pretty cool mando right there.
  11. I didn't understand if he was asking about the guitar or mando.
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