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  1. So, OP here 🙂 Just a quick update on the issue. I finally returned the guitar and yesterday I received a new one (it seems that Gibson is quite backordered... ) No issues with the new one, sounds and play just as good as the old one, and the rosewood of the fretboard has a nice figuring (not a completely dark rosewood slab)
  2. Hi everyone, just a follow up. I've returned the guitar to the dealer and I'm waiting for their response, but I'm fully expecting to exchange it for a new one. Although the guitar plays and sound great, I'm not a believer that it's the only good one, so I'll take my chances
  3. I got the guitar directly from the dealer but the box has been already opened (I guess for them to check the guitar...) I'm talking with the dealer and their first response has been that this is something to be expected from a hand made Gibson guitar. I've asked for a replacement and I'm expecting to solve this issue in the next days. Regarding the discussion about QC and Gibson. Although this is my first Gibson Acoustic, I've had 10+ Gibson electric guitars ranging from some "low end" faded series to a '59 historic. I0ve encountered some minor finish issues but nothing like t
  4. Hi everyone, I'm currently talking with the dealer to see what can be done. Right now I'm inclined to return it and get a new one (or at least see if the dealer is willing to make some adjustment on the price of the guitar). As I said, I'm not usually picky and I can get some lacquer imperfections, uneven bindings and that kind of stuff that comes from the work made by hand. This on the other hand seems like an issue with the rosewood of the board that has been masked with some filler (something I would be ok if it was a second hand guitar, but not on a new one) Some mo
  5. Hi everyone, thanks for the responses. The guitar is brand new and i haven’t changed the strings yet. I will and i will condition the fretboard 👍👍 That’s something i was thinking after writing before. I’m not sure how common this is for a fresh out of the factory guitar, and I have mixed feelings about a guitar this price with this kind of QC. I have other electric Gibsons and I have no issue with the hand made binding or lacquer imperfections, but this kind of fretboard “issue” is new for me. I will talk with the dealer to try to sort it out, although the guitar really plays
  6. Hi everyone, So I've bought a beautiful J45 standard, made just a month ago (the date on the qc check is 4/2). Everything has been great, and the sound is just glorious, but I've caught something a bit strange that seems like a QC issue. As you can see in the picture, there's a dark spot near the 10th fret, that I'm not sure if it's the rosewood filled or if it's lacquer that can be stripped to give it a "normal" look. I'm not returning the guitar (as it sounds and plays just amazing) but who knows if there's a fix for this or if I just have to live with it. Any thoughts/
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