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  1. Turns out that is what it is. The fact it only had two inlayed fret markers did it. I found another thread elsewhere. They were only made for one year, only made for Guitar Center and depending on what you read there were only 100 or 200 of them made in Blue Mist. Prices i saw go from $750-$1300. I feel comfortable with $800. I will be going tomorrow to see it and most likely buy it. I cannot see me leaving without it.
  2. I came across this. It is being listed as a 2014 TV Silver Explorer. I read up on those and that year. Seems they made 1,000 of them. But I ran the serial number and it came back 2012, and quite honestly that does not look like the silver color. I poked around 2012 to see what was made and what colors and i do not see anything similar. I am just trying to figure out what it is and approximate value before i make him an offer. I do like the look of it. He originally had it listed at $1,000 and now it is down to $700 Thank you in advance
  3. We talked on the phone for a bit. Nice guy. Said he is 63 and forgot he never updated the photos. Other than being played it stays in the case, he had one small mishap where it dented the back behind the one horn. It will not bother me and he dropped the price to $800. I will probably be leaving with it once i go play it.
  4. No clue. That’s a pic he posted. I am going to see the guitar tomorrow. I will ask him...........
  5. I saw the knob. Top plate came off. It’s faded finish which I liked. I was gonna try to get him down to around $800.
  6. New to the forum, new to Gibson. I have always been a Fender guy, I own many. I came across this and I always wanted to own an SG. I like the color also. But it seems an interesting model. I have searched it but have not found much information on one like this, with only two inlayed fret markers. Some info I found said it was a Guitar Center Special? But they all had normal fret markers. The serial number confirms that it was made in Tennessee in 2008. I like all the specs I read, but was interested in the value of it to see where this guys pricing is. He is asking $850. Any info would be app
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